What is the Body Mass Index?

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What is the Body Mass Index?

No matter whether you want to lose weight, do something for your health, or are just building muscles – the Body Mass Index (BMI) is usually the first measure that calculated. Based on your BMI, you can then put together your further training and nutrition program. But what is the body mass index (BMI)? And how is it calculated? We show you everything you need to know about the BMI.

1. What is BMI?

The BMI is a measurement and reference value that allows you to assess your body weight. It results from the ratio of body weight to height. The evaluation distinguishes between the following categories: underweight, average weight, overweight, and severe overweight.


2. How is the BMI calculated?

How can you calculate your BMI? It is quite simple. The calculation based on the following Body Mass Index formula:

BMI = body weight [kg] / (body height [m])²

Example: A woman weighs 60 kg and is 1.69 m tall.

Bill: (60 kg)/(1.69 m)² ≈ 21

Thus the woman has a BMI of 21.

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Calculate your individual BMI

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3. BMI Table

Once you have calculated your Body Mass Index, you can check our BMI table to see where you stand with your weight. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the values between 18.5 and 24.99 are in the normal range.

Category BMI (kg/m²) Körpergewicht
Severe underweight <16,0 Underweight
Moderate underweight 16,0 – 17,0 Underweight
Light underweight 17,0 – 18,5 Underweight
Normal weight 18,5 – 24,9 Normal weight
Preadipositas 25,0 – 29,9 Obesity
Obesity grade I 30,0 – 34,9 Obesity
Obesity grade II 35,0 – 39,9 Obesity
Obesity grade III ≥ 40 Obesity

Based on your BMI value, you can now also calculate your basal metabolic rate and performance metabolic rate.

The basal metabolic rate describes the energy your body consumes when completely at rest – even if you are lying on the couch all day.

The extra energy you need for physical activity is called power consumption.

Got everything you need? Then put together your training and nutrition program.

Protein shakes such as the Whey Protein Shake are a great supplement after strength training for optimal training results. They also support muscle building and fat burning.


4. Average BMI for Woman and Men

Since the weight of women and men is very different, we recommend that you take a look at our table with the average BMI values for women and men. In addition to gender, age also plays an important role. Here you will find an overview:


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Table Woman

The following table shows you the ideal BMI for women depending on their age.

Age Ideal BMI
16-17 19-24
18 19-24
19-24 19-24
25-34 20-25
35-44 21-26
45-54 22-27
55-64 23-28
65-90 25-30
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Table Man

Here you can find a tabular list of the average BMI for men depending on their age.

Age Ideal BMI
16 19-24
17 20-25
18 20-25
19-24 21-26
25-34 22-27
35-54 23-28
55-64 24-29
65-90 25-30

pasta5. Advantages and disadvantages of the BMI

BMI is still a frequently used measure to assess body weight. It is fixed and allows a quick assessment of the body weight. However, you may have noticed that some factors did not take into account in the calculation: The stature, the sex and the ratio of fat and muscle mass do not play a role in the BMI.

What exactly does this mean? Especially if you do a lot of sports and are in the process of building muscles, the result can falsify. That is because you are gaining weight due to muscle building, but not fat mass. Because muscles are more substantial than fat. In this case, the BMI is automatically higher. That makes it all the more critical that you take these factors into account when interpreting your BMI.

6. Conclusion

If you want to know how to classify your weight, BMI is a practical guide. However, you should not overestimate the result and should always discuss it with a doctor you trust. The biggest problem with BMI is that it does not differentiate between muscle and fat mass.