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Thinking of losing weight? You are on a diet and work out? But you still don’t lose any weight? Turn your attention to your workplace and pay attention to how many calories you consume at work.

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Do you have delicacies shared by your colleagues? Do you have a small snack drawer under your desk? Have you noticed that you consume a million cups of milky, sugary coffee a working day just because someone spends around?

Thinking of losing weight? We eat an average of 1,300 further energy a week to do the job.

Most office workers answer yes, yes and yes – so it is not surprising that our work makes us fat.

A recent study conducted by the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention found that, on average, people ate 1,300 extra calories from foods such as pizza, cakes, soft drinks and biscuits every week at work. It’s like eating an additional day of eating.

How to reduce snacking at work for Losing Weight?

So, how can we suppress our do the job-time snacking?

So it's no surprise that many of us are piling on the pounds So it’ no surprise that lots of of us are piling on the kilos.

As a rule, you should first determine what and why you are eating during the working day.

Reason 1: You are bored.

Solution: Keep calorie-reduced treats handy.

Performance can be very tedious, and nothing fills the aching hole between 9 am and 5 pm as much as an incredible selection of delicious treats.

A slice of wholegrain bread and some nut butter is a nutritious, filling snack A slice of wholegrain bread and some nut butter is a wholesome, filling snack.


Although it is difficult to eliminate the boredom of grazing, you can change what you graze on.


Keep your desk drawer filled with healthy treats like nut butter, chopped vegetables, fresh fruit, or low-calorie fruit bars.

You can also download an app like MyFitnessPal. With this program, you can see what you have eaten.

Soon you will find out how much you consume senselessly every day. You will begin to think about whether or not you are putting up with every cup of coffee to your digestive system.

Reason 2: Free food is lying around

Solution: Keep snacks in cupboards or kitchen areas – not on desks.

If it’s free, it doesn’t count. Wrong.

Grazing on free forage lying around is the reason why so many of us overeat every day at work.

The solution is to keep typical snacks out of sight or in kitchen areas rather than on the desk.

This way, people have to get up and walk over to get a snack (which could delay some of them), and you don’t just have to grab a bike.

Reason 3: Eat when others eat

Solution: Create your meals and set times to eat them.

Well, if the whole team is going to have a doughnut... Ideally, the full team is going to have a doughnut.

It is very tempting to treat yourself to a snack when the person next to you is enjoying one, let alone the whole office.

But the more often you have a snack, the more your body will expect a meal at random times.

Try to find your specific meal times and stick to them. It does not mean that you can only eat three times a day. You may want to plan times for healthy snacks.

Reason 4: You are thirsty

Solution: Have a bottle or glass ready to refill.

It is known up to 70 percent of adults are dehydrated.

Not having enough water can make you think you’re hungry, although you need to drink more.

We need to drink at least two liters of liquid a day, so make sure you refill your glass or bottle regularly.

Reason 5: You eat in front of the computer

Solution: Take an extensive lunch break.

Eating in front of the computer stops you from concentrating on how you feel Feeding on in entrance of the pc stops you from concentrating on how you sense.

We are all swamped, and it is very tempting to enjoy lunch at your desk.

But if you don’t focus on what you eat, your stomach will take longer to realize it’s full. It takes about 20 minutes for the body to register that it has eaten enough. But if you are not prepared to eat at all, it can take much longer.

Take a lunch break – it is your legal right.

It is best to take a walk before lunch. So you can get some exercise and then enjoy your meal.

Reason 6: You overeat sugar

Solution: Try painting the white stuff.

The consumption of sugary snacks is what brings offices together. The tin cake. The biscuits. Countless bars of chocolate.

But all the sugar can drive your blood sugar level up – and crash shortly afterward.

Not only does this make us feel tired and exhausted, but it also makes us hungry.

Instead of nibbling on hobnobs all day long, you should make sure you have wholefood snacks at hand. These should contain fats and proteins to help you feel full longer.

Keep a glass of Greek yogurt in your fridge. Or make sure you have a glass of nut butter in your drawer that you can eat with some oatcakes.

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