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Backgrounds: Lose Weight without Sport – What You Need to Know

Most Important in Brief

  • Losing weight without sport may sound like a dream, but it’s usually not that easy, and
  • A high degree of discipline and motivation is required to make the change in your lifestyle a reality.
  • However, before you start your diet, you need to understand how the physical processes of a diet differ from those of your regular habits.

Before you get ready to lose weight without sport, you should acquire some background knowledge about the topic.

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The physical processes involved in losing weight are just as important to understand as the right time to start a non-sporting diet and what you can expect from it.

When Should I Start To Lose Weight Without Sport?

How do I calculate my calorie requirement?

Before you start, it is essential to know how high your calorie requirement is to determine your required deficit. The basal metabolic rate must first be determined.

It is the number of calories your body needs at rest to maintain all functions. That includes, for example, breathing and digestion.


Factors such as age, weight, height, and sex should consider in the calculation. But professional and leisure activities also play a role. Sitting all day consumes less than someone who works physically harder. The result is power turnover.


These two factors form the so-called basal metabolic rate. If you know this, you can calculate your calorie deficit.

There are useful calculators on the Internet that make all the necessary factors into account. You should be as honest as possible when entering the information.

How big should the calorie deficit be?

If you know your total turnover, you must now determine the number of calories you consume through food. The difference between the total calories consumed and the total calories consumed is your calorie deficit.

But how big should the deficit be to lose weight healthily? The higher it is, the faster you lose weight. However, one should not exaggerate it, because otherwise, the body can threaten a deficiency supply or even the metabolism stagnate. It leads to contrary results.

Woman flat belly
Although weight loss is for many the absolute main goal of a diet, you should not lose sight of your health. Don’t overdo it!

If you are not in a hurry, a small deficit of 10 to 20 percent of your total calories recommended. A lower calorie deficit is more suitable for people who are under a lot of stress and don’t want to limit their food choices too much.

However, if you suffer from less stress, you can cope with a higher deficit of 25 percent of your total turnover. You’ll lose weight faster, but you’ll have to do more and be more disciplined – especially if you don’t want to do sports.

Never choose the deficit too large. You will lose weight faster in the beginning, but you will damage your body in the long run.

How fast can you lose weight without sport?

How fast you lose weight varies from person to person and depends, for example, on your calorie deficit, age, or gender.

If you follow the above tips, lose weight without sport, and change your habits a bit, you could lose a few kilos. However, you should remain realistic.

Losing weight quickly without exercise is utopian. You should focus on a long-term change in your diet and try to integrate a little more training into your everyday life. That guarantees constant and small successes. Of course, sport can accelerate the whole thing a lot.

You can get over to smaller sports units, but you don’t like gyms? – On the internet you will find many exercises that you can easily do at home.

Is it possible to lose weight on the abdomen and other parts of the body?

Targeted weight loss on the abdomen and thighs is relatively tricky and works for very few people. Particularly when you lose weight without sport, the problem zones do not disappear where you want them to.

It is better to try to reduce the total body fat percentage. It is genetically determined where the body deposits more fat and breaks it down first. Fast losing weight on the stomach without sport only with nutrition is not possible.

Is there a threat of a yo-yo effect when losing weight without sport?

Everyone who tries to lose weight fears the yo-yo effect. First one fights oneself with much renouncement by a Di?t, only around a short time later on balance to have to determine that one weighs more than before.

Lose weight without the yo-yo effect – a permanent change in diet can help. It happens particularly frequently when far too few calories have consumed over a while.

Therefore, you should eat meals regularly and pay attention to the right nutrients. The danger of a yo-yo effect is consequently often present with shake diets and weight loss pills.

Try to take a lot of protein and reduce the carbohydrates somewhat. So you stay full for a long time. So-called empty calories, for example, are in white bread and soft drinks and do not fill you up in the long run. As a result, you will soon feel hungry again and consume more calories than necessary.

What role does stress play in the diet?

What sounds like an advertising slogan is a severe recommendation: Stress is a very harmful health factor. At least if it is negative, overstraining stress, such stress puts our immune system in turmoil and makes us ill in the worst case.

Metabolism plays a decisive role here. Because with stress, our body switches to emergency management and stores fat.

The reason for this is an archaic survival mechanism, which was justified in ancient times, but has become a disadvantageous artifact in our modern world.

Why Stress Makes You Fat

When will our Stone Age ancestors have felt stress? Especially when winter was approaching, and reserves were scarce. It was expressed not only in the fact that our Stone Age ancestors were anxious.

Stress Activates an Archaic Survival Mechanism

Their body also reacted to this signal by putting on deep pockets. Because who knew when there would be something to eat again?

If we are stressed today, it is rarely due to an acute famine. But our bodies don’t know that. Anyone who is chronically stressed physically sets all these levers in motion again.

The body begins to hoard

What is doubly fatal here is that stress also sharpens our lower brain functions.

Our sensory impressions become sharper. After all, a (supposedly) starving Stone Age man must be a capable hunter if he wants to change his lot with the prospect of success. Of course, this was no less true in the past when the Stone Age man himself had to watch not to end up as a meal.

These intrinsic relationships between stress and our metabolism explain why people tend to react to stress with food. It also explains why people prefer foods that are high in calories and can eat quickly. From an emaciated Stone Age person, this behavior makes complete sense. In our modern world, it is somewhat unfavorable. We notice this at the latest when we look in the mirror or walk on the scales.

How to lose weight without sport: 5 sports-free methods for weight loss

As mentioned above, a calorie deficit is necessary to get rid of the excess pounds. If you prefer to avoid dieting and exercise, you should follow the tips below.

No one likes dieting, renouncing, and starving. However, you should still think about changing your lifestyle and eating habits. A healthy diet is right for your body in the long run, and you lose weight in a healthy and lasting way.

Lose Weight without sport thanks to a change in diet and lifestyle

Better eating starts in the head

When it comes to a change in diet, many people first think of the specter of high deprivation, which will now certainly come their way. But that is wrong! A nourishing conversion is no diet!

The problem with reducing diets is that they expose the body to a temporary exceptional situation. However, this unusual situation has no long-term perspective. It is precisely why the kilos come back so quickly! Once you have finished the diet, you will return to your old habits.

So why should you get involved in this potentially questionable diet at all? Are you interested in a successful long-term change of diet? It is the only way to guarantee lasting success!

It can be brought about smartly and gently without having to live directly with water and bread because renunciation can also learn.

Everyone can easily do without certain sins. After all, even the most significant sweet tooth is not hopelessly addicted to all sweets and snacks. How much do we routinely shovel into ourselves without thinking much about it? Exactly this contact has to be turned off, and that is not so difficult at all.

Replace Unhealthy in your diet with Healthy

You can replace unhealthy or particularly fatty meals with healthier and yet similar alternatives without much fuss.

The keyword is a smart substitution. Juice spritzer instead of soft drink, an apple instead of a sweetened apple juice, peel potato instead of chips, nuts instead of chips. Better alternatives have already replaced some of the most unhealthy representatives.

Another clue is that you plan your meals. If you don’t implement a somewhat systematic approach to eating here, you will continue to eat according to the pleasure principle. Unfortunately, this very principle routinely leads us to bad nutritional decisions, where we eat too much and then the wrong thing.

Here one may carve one thing mentally into stone: Junk food, sweets, and snacks are not food! Seriously how can we describe something like food that we basically know is harmful to us if we consume it regularly and excessively?

Handle Fast Food like Luxury Foods

Junk food, sweets, and snacks are luxury goods. As long they are consumed as a stimulant (only occasionally and in small quantities), there is nothing wrong with them. But it becomes problematic as soon as these things start to replace whole meals.

Precisely this behavior has to stop rigorously. Otherwise, every attempt at weight reduction becomes a fight against one’s metabolism.

Also smaller portions, if they are full of content (in the sense of healthy), can make quite full. It is important not always to continue eating at a bend and break until your last appetite is satisfied, and you are somewhere between pleasure and regret.

Even if our stomach is sufficiently large to signal to the brain that “it is enough,” this impulse takes a few minutes to become active. It is why we distinguish between hunger and appetite. The trick now is to load the plate a little less full.

If you still have a little appetite after eating, you have to wait a few minutes until your body flips the switch. By the way, that’s the reason why competitive eaters, who compete against each other, gobble so much. If they would eat slowly and even with breaks, they would only manage a fraction of the food.

Sufficient sleep and little stress

What almost sounds too good to be true, turns out to be exact! After all, sleep deprivation is an extremely negative factor for your metabolism, favoring overweight. Mainly if the sleep deprivation exists on a long-term basis, which is unfortunately widespread in our society.
Sleep deprivation occurs when you do not sleep enough chronically over a more extended period and are dependent on the signal of an alarm clock to wake up. You will then be awake and will arrive in time for work, but in the long run, this is not healthy.

If we only allow ourselves to “sleep in” every few months to years on holiday, this is a very unfavorable condition. Unfortunately, too many even accept this unquestioned.

During the week the sleep is artificially robbed in the morning by the diabolic alarm clock. At the weekend the leisure overcompensation takes place, where one stays up until the dolls.

The problem: Those who sleep too little chronically eat more. During sleep deprivation, our body produces less of the hunger hormone leptin. This hormone is essential for the regulation of hunger.

Since sleep serves regeneration, it is detrimental to the body if this regeneration process is routinely too scarce. The body reacts by releasing less leptin. If there is a lack of this hormone, which regulates hunger, then hunger exists faster and more often.

Sleeping Less Disturbs the Hunger Feeling

The mechanism behind this is that the body now tries to regenerate itself by eating more food. If bad eating habits added in such a scenario, it is like pouring gasoline into the fire.

Which chronic sleepless person wants to cook properly? Especially if this constellation base on a presumably hectic lifestyle.

How Does Exercise Impact Weight Loss?

The effect of this unwell-dressed “starvation cure” should by no means be underestimated. For example, test persons in studies took up to 1,000 extra calories as soon as they slept only four hours a night.

If you have slept badly or too little, your metabolism is also challenging to get going the next day, and fat burning suffers as a result. Besides, the appetite is usually more enormous after a restless night.

If you have chosen a higher calorie deficit to lose weight, sufficient sleep is essential. It is because of the body’s ability to regenerate decreases as a result of the reduced supply of nutrients.

But also here applies: do not exaggerate. Who thinks that one can lose weight particularly fast as a late riser is wrong. An equal measure of sleep is essential. The natural duration of sleep that a person needs varies from person to person but is always between six and ten hours.

This physical need for sleep cannot be changed either. It is, therefore, necessary to sound out one’s own sleep needs and to follow them, at least in general. It would be ideal if one learned to get along without an alarm clock.

Then you give your body the sleep it needs and don’t have to worry about it going to the parade with overtired cravings.

Avoiding sugar and alcohol

I think we all know that sugar doesn’t help us lose weight. But what is the best way to do without it? Many people don’t understand that a large part of sugar absorbed through drinks such as soft drinks and juices. If you replace them with water and tea, you can save a few calories.

It’s also a good idea to avoid using ready-made products from the supermarket. Often there is sugar hidden, which we would not expect there. Of course, you should also take a moderate approach to sweets and try to resist them.

Alcohol not only has many calories but can also slow down fat loss. Furthermore, too much alcohol tends to cause cravings. The reason is that water, salts, and minerals extract from the body. You will notice this in the desires for hearty and fatty foods.

Always read the ingredients list on the back of the packaging to find hidden and unnecessary sugar. You can also find the number of calories there.

Good fats to eat

Fat at first does not sound as if it is suitable for a healthy weight loss and then even without sport. However, one should not judge prematurely because dietary fats provide energy and support the body in the absorption and processing of nutrients. It can even help to burn fat.

What is essential, however, is which fats you consume. Take care to consume only polyunsaturated fatty acids. Keep your hands away from pure, saturated fatty acids. They are responsible for weight gain. Where can you find them?

Healthy fats can found in linseed, sunflower seeds, and fish. But avocados, vegetable oils, and nuts are also suitable suppliers.

Nevertheless, it should note that even good fats have calories, which can harm the balance. Therefore you should pay attention to a good measure.

Low Carb

For those who only want to lose weight with a diet and little sport, Low Carb may be a possibility. The carbohydrate supply hugely reduced. This renouncement keeps the blood sugar constant, the insulin distribution low and stimulates so the metabolism and the fat dismantling.

It is essential that you replace the carbohydrates with protein. That makes longer full, and the body consumes more calories with energy production than with that from coal hydrates. Losing weight with Low Carb is a good alternative that you can hold out with for a long time.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting or interval fasting initially sounds like starvation. But you are wrong, it’s not about a diet, but about getting used to the times of eating. In a particular time window food and fasting alternate.

There are several variants for the choice of the time window. For example, you can fast completely a few days a week and normally eat on the other days. However, there is also the 16/8 method, where 16 stands for the number of hours in which the fasting takes place and the remaining 8 hours serve as a time window for eating.

Adjusting the time windows and eating habits still allows for a flexible lifestyle and does not restrict like a diet. For example, you do not have to cancel a dinner with friends due to a diet but can adjust your fasting times.

What influence does the drinking behavior have?

When people talk about or aim for a change in diet, they think primarily about their eating habits. But very often the (wrong) drinking behavior is the real problem.

Own desires and an unmanageable beverage offer open in the age of Cola and Co. hidden calories of all kinds door and gate. It has now become a real problem in industrial nations because many people have and touchingly forgotten how to feel thirsty. They only perceive thirst when it is pronounced. Why is that?

Through thirst, our body signals to us: I urgently need water! The word “urgent” is significant because Thirst is to be interpreted as an alarm signal and not as a friendly hint. Regular water consumption is, therefore, vital for our survival.

Our body consists of about 70 percent water. If there is no regular supply, we die of thirst within a few days. In areas that are particularly hostile to life, you can also die of thirst within a few hours.

Unfortunately, more and more adults and adolescents are losing this critical “thirst” alarm signal. Instead of drinking water to supply our bodies with what they need, we flood them with juice, cola, beer, cocoa, milk, or whatever.

Softdrinks Refrigerator close-up
Soft drinks not only falsify the natural feeling of thirst. They are also real sugar bombs and therefore suboptimal in a diet.

Beware of Hidden Calories

These drinks are liquid foods, but many carbohydrates added. Therefore, despite their high water content, some of them are high-calorie. Compared to the fact that the drinks only have a limited and entertaining thirst-quenching effect, they are counterproductive when you lose weight without sport.

By regularly consuming these drinks, we develop distorted drinking behavior. It is no longer the body’s own need that stimulates fluid intake, but habit and enjoyment. So it is not surprising that a lot of hidden calories smuggled in.

The thirst feeling is served in such a way as if it concerns hunger. Gradually, the body gets used to interpreting the sense in the same way. After all, this is the conditioning he gets. When thirsty: drink calories. That provides for visible facts – in the form of hip pads. But even this false conditioning for thirst is not to be trifled.

On average, people need 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. Depending on the circumstances (body size, ambient temperatures, and degree of physical strain), you may need even more fluid. Take this essential body need seriously.

Compromising this need by routinely consuming soft drinks and alcohol is doubly damaging. On the one hand, the habitually consumed calorie bombs are of low nutritional value (apart from the calorie value); on the other hand, you sabotage your water balance. If you mix hunger with thirst, you end up serving appetite too much and thirst too little. It is very unhealthy – not only concerning abdominal fat.

Slimming with increased metabolism and energy consumption without sport

Our metabolism is linking to weight reduction. Those who have an active metabolism will find it easier to lose weight. It is there to help the body to produce energy for this purpose, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins from food use in the first place.

When these are used up, the metabolism uses the energy reserves in the fat pads to help you lose weight.

More movement in everyday life build in

Even if you’re reading this article to learn how to lose weight effectively without exercise, you should consider adding more activity to your daily life. It’s not only good for your health but can also increase your calorie consumption.

Instead of using the elevator, take the stairs, or take your bike to work instead of the car. These are small changes that can pay off in the long run. You will become fitter without the efforts that a sports unit brings with it.

Hot food

The consumption of spicy food can have a positive effect on the body’s calorie consumption. The active ingredient capsaicin contained in chilies increases the heat production in your body and thus also the body temperature. This process consumes energy.

Similar but not so strong effects also have:

  • Pepper
  • Paprika
  • Radish
  • Garlic
  • Ginger

You should, therefore, incorporate these spices into your diet regularly if you want to increase your calorie consumption without exercising.


Coldwater is similar to hot spices: When you drink cold water, your body needs the energy to bring it up to body temperature.

Glass water cold
Even a cold glass of water can help burn calories.

It is because your body always strives to run at the same operating temperature. So you can boost your fat-burning without doing sports.

Reducing calorie intake

As already mentioned, you can increase your calorie consumption or reduce the number of calories you take in. What do you have to consider if you don’t want to suffer from hunger?

You should eat a lot of protein because that will keep you full for a long time. You don’t have to do without carbohydrates entirely, but you should reduce the amount a little.

Also, be careful not to consume empty calories. These can found in sweet drinks or white bread. They will make you hungry again more quickly.

It is also important not to consume too few calories, as this can damage your metabolism and lead to contrary results. Integrate lots of vegetables, fruit, and good fats into your diet. Your diet should be healthy and balanced.

Protein shakes to lose weight without sport

A diet drink to replace one or more meals. No cooking and you don’t have to deal with a healthy diet – it sounds simple.

One supplied without significant expenditure with much protein, few calories, and most nutrients. Many shakes also contain so-called fat burners, which are supposed to boost the metabolism. But as easy as this powder seems to be to lose weight, so many disadvantages associated with it.

If you want to lose weight in a healthy and long-term way, you also have to change your habits. If you replace your meals with protein shakes, this can quickly have a yo-yo effect as soon as you start eating normally again. Also, the taste of some weight loss products can take getting used to, and many contain hidden sugars.

With diet shakes, you may be able to lose weight quickly in a relatively short period. But you have to be very disciplined to prevent a yo-yo effect. In addition to sports, shakes can be quite useful. However, they not recommended as a meal replacement.

Diet pills to lose weight without sport

There are different weight loss tablets on the market. Swelling agents, fat killers, and appetite suppressants are the most common.

A swelling agent multiplies its volume with the liquid in the stomach and thus reduces hunger. So-called fat killers or fat burners ensure that fat ingested with food is excreted undigested. An appetite suppressant, on the other hand, is supposed to counteract cravings.

Are these diet capsules healthy? If you are considering this method, you really should inform yourself extensively, because there are some black sheep on the Internet. Many of the slimming products can be harmful to your health.

Such slimming products can support the process, but should instead see as a supplement to a balanced diet. They cannot work miracles.

Schüssler salts and globules helping lose weight without sport

The effect of homeopathic remedies has long been controversial. But those who have already had good experiences with the small pellets can try to support the weight loss process with them.

Globules serve to stimulate processes in the body that trigger weight loss. They regulate the feeling of satiety, accelerate metabolism, and promote weight loss without sport. In contrast to the diet pills and slimming powders mentioned above, there are hardly any side effects or adverse effects to fear. Losing weight with globules is another alternative.

Schüssler salts are supposed to regulate disturbances in the mineral balance of the body cells, which hinder the metabolism. Deficiencies can make it difficult for you to lose weight because the body tries to cover the weaknesses by excessive hunger and holds on to the reserves.

Schüssler’s slimming salts are supposed to help by balancing the imbalance and thus stimulating the metabolism. Both methods, however, could not be scientifically proven.

Trivia: Facts and worth knowing about lose weight without sport

How does losing weight work in general?

Your body needs the energy to function. We take in calories in the form of food, and these are used and burned by the body. It creates energy that keeps our essential bodily functions running. However, if the body gets more calories than necessary, the surplus is stored in fat cells for bad times.

The key to successful weight loss is, therefore, to create a calorie deficit. It means that you need to consume less energy than you need. That’s because the body will fall back on the reserves in the form of fat and use them as a source of energy. You will lose weight in the process.

You must either reduce the calorie intake or increase your calorie consumption. In the following sections, you will find tips and tricks on how to improve your calorie consumption without exercising and how to reduce your calorie intake without starving.

So losing weight is as banal as you can imagine. If you do it right, you don’t have to go through your hell in the form of a voluntary boot camp. Because by far, the most crucial part is nutrition.

Who consumes too many calories should not be surprised. Unfortunately, it is a biological injustice of our body that it absorbs calories faster than it can burn them. However, lose weight without sport is by no means unrealistic. Through Sports or a higher degree of physical activity, you increase the energetic turnover. But the question of weight gain or weight loss is determined by how you go through life. Sport is only a small part of the puzzle.


Lose Weight without sport is entirely possible. Nevertheless, this way of weight reduction requires a certain degree of discipline. In the long run, it is, therefore, advisable to do something for your health and change your diet. Even a little more exercise in everyday life has only positive effects.

Slimming only with cabbage soup or drinking only green tea are crash diets and usually, have the infamous yo-yo effect. Also shakes and diet pills should not regard as a miracle cure, which brings fast success. They can, like homeopathy and Schüssler’s salts, support the decrease accompanying, but you should instead focus on long-term solutions.

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