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Bye, life preserver on the belly! If you start running today, you’ll soon rid of the little bacon pads. Because losing weight through jogging is fast, effective, and makes you fit!

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Lose weight through regular jogging? Yes, it’s exhausting, but it’s worth it! The prospect of a slim, firm body should bring even the most die-hard couch potatoes from the sofa to the running track. Are you not convinced yet? Here are five reasons why losing weight through jogging works so well:

5 Reasons to go Jogging

1. You burn plenty of calories

Jogging is exhausting – so it’s clear that the pounds tumble. How much weight you burn depends on your age, weight, gender, and running speed. On average you can burn about 250-300 kcal per 30 minutes.

Little Tip: You can lose even more weight if you don’t keep running at the same speed all the time, but run sprints. It is called interval training. By alternating strenuous phases, when the pulse rate is high and more relaxed phases, more calories are burned.

2. Exercise your legs, buttocks, and stomach by running

Jogging is not only great for endurance, but you also get your whole body in shape. Of course, the legs are trained and become slimmer, but also buttocks and stomach benefit from the jogging.

3. You reduce stress

Stress is poison to the figure. All the stress hormones increase the storage of abdominal fat, and often you eat more. The best remedy against stress: Sport! That’s why jogging is particularly useful for losing weight because you burn calories and reduce stress hormones at the same time. It is doubly helpful for a flat stomach.

4. Jogging releases feelings of happiness

Another positive running effect: After the jogging around, you feel great, because running releases feelings of joy. And happy, satisfied people have fewer cravings, which means they eat less and lose weight faster.

5. After jogging, you want to eat something healthy

Chips, chocolate, pizza – after the jogging you may be hungry, but you’d rather have something sensible. Through sport, you get a better body feeling and want to do something good for your body through a healthy diet. You’ll notice that you’re more and more in the mood for home-cooked, fresh food, and you’re less likely to go for fast food or ready-to-eat meals.

Slimming through jogging: Training plan for beginners

These five convincing reasons have now indeed awakened the desire for a jogging round in you. If you haven’t run yet, you’re probably not sure how to do it.

Our Tip: Very slowly. Jogging is quite strenuous and an unusual strain at the beginning. Don’t force yourself to run for 30 minutes at a time, but start slowly. Luckily you can lose weight by jogging even with small units.

The perfect running plan for beginners

Take the first 35 minutes of your time and jog for 5 minutes at a slow pace and then go 5 minutes for recovery. If you feel fit after one to two weeks, you can change the intervals. Jog 10 minutes and take only 5 minutes to walk in. Then 15 minutes at a time and so on. Increase until you manage 45 minutes at a time.

More success with the right diet

You’ll lose weight by jogging only. However, to see progress as quickly as possible, you should pay attention to your diet at the same time. Eat plenty of low-calorie foods such as vegetables, fruit, whole grain products, and lean dairy products. Calorie bombs such as fast food, cakes or sweets should be eaten only rarely and in small amounts.

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