The Low Carb Principle

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Low Carb - a term that no one who deals with the topics of slimming or dietary change can ignore. The hype has even increased in recent years. That is a respectable achievement for an over 100 years old nourishing concept.

To bring more clarity to the topic, Clippednews has taken a closer look at it. The result is this short series of articles. Get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages, the concept and everything else necessary.

What's Low Carb? - Get clarity!

What is a Low Carb Diet

What is a Low Carb Diet?

Surely you have already heard the phrase "Low Carb" from acquaintances. But how well do you know? Do you understand the mechanisms of action of the diet or the exact reason why you lose weight in the end?

Just read " What is a low carb diet" to get a first impression.

Low-Carb - Basics and how to apply them

Low-Carb - Basics and how to apply them

Low carb is the generic term for various diets. Their common goal is the reduction of carbohydrates in the daily diet. As the trend from the USA is reaching more and more Europe, new creative approaches to the topic of low carb are also coming from there.

Read all essential facts about the different forms of low carb.

Low-Carb Foods - Which Are Suitable?

Low Carb Foods - Which Are Suitable?

The Low Carb Food principle is based on the reduction of carbohydrates in the diet. But these carbohydrates are not only contained in sugar but also in starch.

Here you can find out which foods these are and how bad carbohydrates are cleverly replaced.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Low-Carb Nutrition

Low Carb Nutrition - Advantages and Disadvantages

Finally, it is time to draw a conclusion. How does the low carb diet compare to other diets? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

So let's start by separating the facts from the diet myths.

10 Best Low Carb Cookbooks

Best Low Carb Books
For Health Conscious Eaters

You will find here a compilation of the 10 best low carb cookbooks - at least in our opinion. 

Have a look if you are not interested in one or the other title.

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