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Allergic to dogs? It may only be the males – WDJT

Originally Published: 07 JAN 20 09:39 ETUpdated: 07 JAN 20 10:24 ETBy Sandee LaMotte, CNN(CNN) -- Love dogs but find yourself uncontrollably sneezing around some of them? There might be a solution that's easier than allergy shots. Neuter your male...

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Low-fat Diet Tied to Lower Testosterone Levels in Men

However, the clinical significance of small differences in serum T across diets is unclear. ‘Testosterone deficiency can lead to problems, including decreased energy and libido, along with physiological alterations, including increased body fat and reduced bone mineral density. ’ Best...

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3 Reasons Why You May Feel Tired on the GF Diet

I think this is probably the most common complaint I get when seeing clients with celiac disease. Often, individuals jump to thinking they need some complex supplement, an exclusion diet trial to discover food sensitivities, or specialized lab testing. But,...

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