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Low-Carb Foods - Which Are Suitable?

Low Carb foods - that belongs on the shopping list The Low Carb foods principle based on the reduction of carbohydrates in the diet. These carbohydrates are found not only in sugar but also in starch and a large proportion...

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What is a Low Carb Diet

Surely you have already heard the phrase "Low Carb" from acquaintances. But how well do you know? Do you understand the mechanisms of action of the diet or the exact reason why you lose weight in the end? Just read...

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Low-Carb - Basics and how to apply them

Low-Carb (formed from low and carb, the abbreviation for carbohydrates) refers to various diets, in which the proportion of carbohydrates in the daily diet reduced. (Source: Wikipedia) "Various diets" is still very moderately expressed. Since the trend from the USA...

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Advantage and Disadvantage of Low-Carb Nutrition

"Low-Carb Nutrition - Advantages and Disadvantages" - so formulated this post title sounds already very final. Therefore, there is probably a need for some explanation at this point. So let's start by separating the facts from the lies, and compile...

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Best Diet - According to Harvard Study

What is the Best Diet to lose weight successfully and over the long term? The answer has a meta-analysis that evaluates the results of five Harvard studies. Most diets cause bad moods, blemish the skin, and are in the end...

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working mothers

The decision to become a mother is an exciting moment in life - but it can also be a time of difficult choices. How do you manage to find the right balance between being a mother, career, and family and...

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