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How to Create a Healthy Nutrition Plan

Adding enough fruit and vegetables to your diet is a problem for many Americans. They tend to consume more than the recommended amount of protein and grain. Including grains that provide simple carbohydrates rather than the whole grain we need....

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Lose Weight without Sport

Backgrounds: Lose Weight without Sport - What You Need to Know Most Important in Brief Losing weight without sport may sound like a dream, but it's usually not that easy, and A high degree of discipline and motivation is required...

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Ten Best Diet Foods

Proper nutrition can support a diet and make the pounds melt even faster. We'll show you which ten diet foods are real fat killers and should, therefore, be on your diet more often. Most diets fail because hunger and appetite...

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ABC Diet - Burn Fat Using the Alphabet

The so-called ABC diet can help you lose weight by only eating your way through the alphabet. The basic idea of this unique diet is that those who want to lose weight should eat as varied food as possible so...

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Best Healthy Eating Recommendations

The integration of a healthy diet into everyday life is essential, but not always easy. Below are some Healthy Eating Tips from Bayhealth Ambulant Registered Dietitian Jinette Fellows, RD, LDN that will help you get started or get back on...

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Heart Health - Top 6 Most Popular Foods

The previous week, we presented you insight on how to avoid coronary heart sickness. This week, we are eager to share meals that are not only excellent tasting but great for coronary heart health and fitness! Feeding on a well-balanced...

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