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No matter whether you want to lose weight or do something good for your body – you should keep away from the following Blacklist of unhealthy foods. Even if you may not be able to tell at first glance, these foods destroy your health unnoticed and quickly add a few kilos to your balance.

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Blacklist: The most unhealthy foods 

1. Fried food

From potato chips to French fries – once in the deep fryer, food turns into a health nightmare. Fat is a flavor carrier, but the hot frying oil is full of hardened trans fats, which should spoil your appetite. The reason: the trans fatty acids influence the “bad” cholesterol value in the blood and thus increase the risk of vascular and heart diseases as well as a stroke. Diabetes is also said to promote unhealthy fats. Some experts even go even further and classify trans fatty acids as carcinogenic.

The healthy alternative: home-baked vegetable chips from the oven! They contain fewer carbohydrates and are not fried.

2. Unhealthy Foods: Fruit juices

Do fruit juices contain a lot of fresh fruit and “only” fructose? Unfortunately, this was mistaken, as the bottled drinks usually only contain fruit concentrates. Heating and pasteurizing fresh fruit also means that most healthy nutrients and vitamins are lost. Fructose is just as unhealthy as ordinary sugar. Fructose does not send any saturation signals to our brain and attacks the tooth enamel. After all, it ends up in our liver as a waste product. Not to forget the nutritional value of fructose, which turns juices into a secret calorie bomb. Because whether you drink a glass of lemonade or a glass of fruit juice makes no difference at all.

The healthy alternative: Self-pressed fresh juices or cold-pressed detox juices. By dispensing with strong heat during the manufacturing process, vitamins and Co. remain contained!

3. Industrially Processed Meat

Whether salami on frozen pizza, chicken nuggets or sausage on bread – industrially processed meat is not a delicacy. The shape and consistency of the beef have changed, and it is full to the brim with colorings, flavor enhancers, and other preservatives. Nitrates are particularly dangerous. If these heat to a high temperature, as is often necessary for meat and sausage production, the chemical compounds nitrosamines formed. These are considered carcinogenic. According to the latest data, people who frequently consume the meat of industrial output have an increased risk of disease. They are more likely to develop diseases such as colorectal cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. And: the sausage contains fats that accelerate weight gain.

The healthy alternative: Reduce meat consumption and replace finished products with high-quality meat.

4. Ready-made Biscuits

With puff pastries, cookies, or delicious donuts, the water runs into our mouths. But on closer inspection, we should change our minds. There are many unhealthy ingredients in it: Refined white flour, lots of white sugar, and hydrogenated fats are the harmful trios in pastries. The trio is responsible for the wrong place on the blacklist of the worst foods.


The healthy alternative: Swing the cooking spoon yourself. Enjoy homemade cakes or biscuits whose ingredients you know well. It’s best to use low-carb recipes that also help you lose weight.

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5. Unhealthy Foods: Margarine 

Margarine celebrates for a long time as a healthy alternative to classic butter – unfortunately, this was a mistake. Various studies have shown that margarine hides hardened trans fats. The fats are responsible for the same health damage as fries and co. Glycidyl fatty acid esters also found in margarine. Scientists classify this substance as harmful to health. However, butter is not necessarily healthier.

The healthy alternative: Instead of butter you should smear cottage cheese on bread, because it helps to lose weight. When cooking, simply use valuable vegetable fats such as coconut or almond oil.

6. Diet Limos

Zero calories, zero sugar – Light Limos sound tempting for anyone who wants to lose weight. But one should not enjoy the sparkling drinks only in moderation or better at all. Because they are full of some additives, above all sweeteners. The artificial substances influence the body and the Essverhalten in any regard. For example, the kidneys have to work at full speed to process the additives. In the everyday choice of food, one often decides for unhealthy ones; one pretends to have already made a renunciation. The extreme sweetness of diet limes also stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin. It results in more fat pads on the stomach when excessive consumption takes place.


The healthy alternative: Restrict the consumption of Diet Coke and the like. You should rather drink sparkling water with ginger, mint or lemon slices.

7. White bread

Fluffy, fragrant baguette and ciabatta are among our favorite dishes. But you should avoid the refined white flour that found in these doughs. At least if you want to stay slim and healthy. The white powder has an enormous influence on blood sugar levels, which in turn stimulates the pancreas to secrete the hormone insulin. And it is precisely this chain reaction that sometimes influences the growth of our fat deposits. Excessive consumption of wheat products can lead to symptoms such as digestive problems, fatigue, skin problems, diabetes, or thyroid disease. That is especially true if your body is prone to gluten intolerance.

The healthy alternative: Instead of just eating white flour, you would be better off eating whole grains (consisting of complex carbohydrates that provide you with energy for longer) or baking low-carb breadth almond flour.

8. Crunchy muesli and muesli bars

They are sweet, they are crunchy, the perfect quick snack – and extremely unhealthy: crunchy muesli and muesli bars from the pack. There is an overdose of refined sugar hidden between the crispy oat flakes, which is a real catastrophe, especially for breakfast. Added to this are pieces of chocolate or dried fruit, which also contain a lot of sweetness. The sugar leads to a rapid increase in blood sugar, which drops again just as quickly and causes significant fatigue. The consumption of too much sugar is also associated with symptoms such as poor concentration, depressive moods, flatulence, fungal infections or skin diseases, and weight gain. But that’s not all: the wheat protein gliadin, which is said to be responsible for more bacon, was found in ready-to-eat muesli.

The healthy alternative: make your own muesli and granola bars or replace the supposed power bar with fresh fruit.

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