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It’s the new year, and some of you may have new goals of living a healthier life. But adding vitamins and supplements to your diet may not be the right choice.

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Most experts agree it’s best to get your vitamins from the food you eat.
You excrete anything beyond what your body needs and other vitamins stored in your body can cause issues if you take too much.
In other words, more is not always better.
We talked to dietitians at the Mayo Clinic.
They say consult a doctor to see if you are deficient in a specific vitamin
You might be if you are vegan, pregnant, or have changed what you consume.
If you do take vitamin supplements, read the labels.
The dietitians advise not going over 100% of the daily requirement.
Also, know that the Food and Drug Administration does not test other dietary supplements before they end up on store shelves.
It’s also a good idea to stick with brands and names, you know.

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