Omega 3 and Vitamin B Supplements: Push Your Brain

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Omega 3 and Vitamin B Supplements: Push Your Brain

Occasionally, fish oil also referred to as a cosmetic and brain food. This reputation is mainly due to the high content of Omega 3 and vitamin B. Besides, the DHA component in fish oil is a well-known building block for brain and nerve formation. It is also added to baby food to support the development of the brain and nerves.
But what about the adult brain? Can fish oils - with their high concentration of DHA and EPA - make us more intelligent? Or do they help us function better?

Clinical Research on Omega 3 is not clear

Many clinical studies try to answer this question. Fish oils have studied in a variety of situations with different results.

Recently, scientists have been working intensively on the combination of fish oils and vitamin B. The results of these studies have been very positive. The B vitamins are the starting point for many biochemical compounds in our brain and other parts of our body. The researchers discovered that frequent consumption of vitamin B and fish oil improves individual cognitive performance. It also increases blood flow to the brain. They have become more intelligent.

Other studies also suggest that both Omega 3 fatty acids and B vitamins must be abundant for optimal brain health. This recent study is not the first to discover this.

The use of fish oils to improve brain function is only part of the puzzle. Omega 3 fatty acids play an essential role, but the exact mechanism of action still investigated. In the following, we present three selected devices to improve brain health:

Improve Your Brain Health

  • Reduced inflammation in the brain: Fish oils and other medical oils can reduce inflammation. When the mind is "on fire" with inflammation, Omega 3 fatty acids may improve concentration, focus, and mood.
  • Structural Support: DHA is a precursor that helps build the brain and nervous system. Another mechanism is to ensure that nerves and brain are intact.
  • Improved blood flow: Studies show that high-dose Omega 3 fatty acids increase blood flow to the brain. Is it possible for Omega 3 fatty acids to redirect blood flow to the areas needed, much like eicosanoids and prostaglandins in injuries? Omega 3s are similar in chemical structure to eicosanoids and other anti-inflammatory mediators that control blood flow to injuries. Is it possible that Omega 3 fatty acids do this without such inflammation?
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