Vitamin Bombs - Best Out of the Garden

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Vitamin Bombs - Best Out of the Garden

Do you want to make sure that your fruit and vegetables grow organically? Would you like to watch your vitamin bombs grow in the future? Then it is high time for you to plant a garden.

Having Your Own Garden Offers Many Advantages

The little luck in the own garden - ever more humans discover that the fruitful harvest of essential nutrition provides genuine satisfaction. Whether in front of the semi-detached house, the flat in the neighborhood or on the balcony - digging in the ground with one's own hands gives family and singles inner strength and this utterly independent of economic crises. And even the private parcel in the allotment garden association becomes again attractive also for younger ones.

The popularity is mostly due to the low price of the small parcels. Besides, the gardens are easily reachable from the city. Are you building an allotment garden paradise, or are you using the area as pure farmland? How to use your garden is up to you. You must not violate any regulations or statutes; otherwise, you will lose your garden very quickly!

Home-grown Fruit - Vitamin Bombs that Taste Good

Vitamin bombs are all of them, the self-grown vegetable varieties. Whether kohlrabi, leek, beans, peas, or lettuce. Green foods contain a multitude of minerals and vitamins. And of course, it makes a difference whether you have planted "carrots & co" yourself, watered them and then harvested them. The taste is much more intense, if only because there are no long transport distances. Of course, this also applies to fruit. Everything consumed when the degree of ripeness is high, and a large number of healthy ingredients retained. And is there anything sweeter than eating a fresh cherry directly from the tree?

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Old types of fruit

They have the advantage of being more robust and more resistant to fungal and pest infestation. After all, they had to stand up to vermin even before chemical helpers from human hands were available. And precisely these secret weapons of the plants against bacteria and other invaders also strengthen our immune system. Typical old varieties of apples are Boskop, Gravensteiner, and Herbstprinz. A treasure trove of valuable ingredients also offered by wild fruit such as sand corn, cornel cherry, and elderberries.

Many exotics thrive here as well

They traded dearly - extracts from fruits that are said to have healing properties. Exotic fruits such as Goji or Aronia berries are said to increase vitality, stop aging, and even fight cancer. Berry Fruits are healthy, as are many other fruits. Pressed or dried into pills, however, they lose power. And some samples of Goji berries from China were heavily contaminated with pesticides. But you can also plant Goji and Aronia berries very well and harvest the full power. But you can read in this table that native fruits can keep up, at least as far as the vitamin C content is concerned:

Fruit VarietyVitamin C content in 100 g
Sea Buckthorn450 mg
Black Currant175 mg
Goji Berrybis 150 mg
Rose Hip100 mg
Strawberries65 mg
Aronia Berrybis 50 mg
Apple12 mg

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