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Bad eating habits and work seem to go hand in hand. Many employees eat unhealthy and rich in calories. They eat ready meals and food from the delivery service. It is not very difficult to get a complete – and cheaper – diet. Spice up your working hours with healthy snacks and your work performance will increase rapidly. Using the example of my sister and her workplace, I can easily explain the situation to you.

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She has been working for ten years in the head office of a large retail company. I asked her how easy it is to eat a healthy diet there because she is sitting at the source. In her opinion, eating at work is divided into different categories. The decision depends on how healthy you want to eat. She has divided it into three groups.

Three Options for Eating at Work

Level 3: Eating in the cafeteria

While there is a good selection there, including a salad bar, quinoa, salmon, the food is not organic. Unfortunately, many foods contained genetically modified ingredients.

Some people don’t mind, but for nutrition-conscious people, like my sister, it’s a no go. For them, the cafeteria is “the last resort” for lunch. But this is not only due to the dubious quality of the food. The high price of food is also a problem.

Level 2: Look for a Restaurant offering Healthy Snacks

According to my sister, there are no suitable offers in the vicinity of her workplace; apart from an organic juice bar with limited choice. This option is even more expensive than eating in the cafeteria. But at least the quality of the meals was excellent – and it was healthy.

Level 1: Bring Healthy Snacks from Home

That’s my sister’s favorite option. It is – advantageously – also cheaper than all other options. My sister also knows for sure that the salad and sandwiches she brings made from healthy, organic ingredients.

She also said that there was a vending machine with organic, healthy snacks at her workplace. It’s a rare and welcome change from the usual vending machines with their sugar-, salt- and carbohydrate-rich offerings.

10 Life-Changing Tips for Packing Lunch for Work or School

Instead, my sister prefers to bring her healthy snacks. On her desk is a mini-fridge for cold drinks and an electric teapot. She keeps pistachio nuts, protein bars, bananas, and other healthy snacks in her desk drawer.


While some of their work colleagues fill the employee fridge with salads and healthy snacks from home, many still make unhealthy decisions. One of the biggest problems, she said, is when someone brings bagels or donuts for colleagues. Because, like most people, she finds it hard to resist a big cake or pizza. These delicacies tempt you to consume unhealthy fats and carbohydrates.

Is Healthy Nutrition taken seriously by Businesses?

Despite these shortcomings, I estimate that their workplace is much healthier than the average. Not only does this seem short-sighted, but it’s also illogical. Because unhealthy food is not only bad for employees, it is also bad for the company.

In addition to reduced work performance due to lack of concentration, the consequences include slower decision-making and reduced efficiency. Poor nutrition also leads to serious health problems, increasing absenteeism, and health care costs.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association’s Institute for Health Metrics, nutrition is the most important factor affecting overall health. It affects people more than tobacco consumption. According to a study by the specialist magazine “The Lancet,” up to 80% of heart diseases, strokes and type 2 diabetes could be prevented by dietary and lifestyle changes.

What does this mean for the typical employee?

To ensure a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating in the workplace must become a priority. In a perfect world, companies would make this easier for their employees. However, most companies are not yet willing or able to do so. Instead, the responsibility lies solely with the employee.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>To follow my sister’s example, you need to plan and prepare. The best way is to buy your food and make it. You can bring your Healthy Snacks and thus more easily resist the temptations that surround you every day. You will feel better and think more clearly. Your professional competence will improve dramatically.

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