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A balanced diet is essential, not only for our body but also for our health. We give you simple nutrition tips with significant effect. Try it out.

When it comes to healthy nutrition, opinions differ. An infinite number of different nutrition models make it difficult to keep track of things: Well, some vegetarians don’t eat meat, some vegans altogether avoid animal products, and some still don’t know what the right diet is for them.

Weight Loss Myths! The Worst Diet Tips & How to Lose Weight for Good!

Clean up with Myths of Slimming

No wonder, because almost every day, new theories and practices appear on the net that tries to impose the right diet on us. But is it right to do without milk? You want to keep an eye on your weight, should remove any fats from my diet? Here’s the answer: to keep your food balanced, nothing should be removed entirely from your diet – the secret: enjoy in moderation. For more ease, five practical nutrition tips can easily integrate into everyday life.

  1. Nutrition Tip

    A constantly full refrigerator

    Yeah, that’s right. The fridge should always be full of fresh food. Fresh fruit and vegetables come first. If they are still at hand, there is no need to have the greasy pizza delivered by a courier. In general, it is a vast advantage to fill the fridge with healthy food, as one is more or less forced to reach for a healthy little something from the refrigerator. There are no alternatives at the moment. Tip: This is the right way – fresh fruit and vegetables optimally.

  2. Nutrition Tip

    Five times a day

    This tip has been around for several years and right reason. If you eat five portions of vegetables and fruit a day, you will live a healthy and long life. On the one hand, the feeling of hunger reduce by healthy snacks, and on the other hand, the body supplied with nutrients that also strengthen the immune system. Anyone who takes this tip to the heart can indeed claim to be a healthy eater. Due to our already far too high sugar consumption and the fruit sugar contained in fruit, it is recommended today to eat more vegetables (3 servings) than fruit (2 servings). The palm generally regarded as the measure of a portion.

  3. Nutrition Tip

    Drink a lot

    Our body consists of most of the water. That’s why it is so important always to fill the water reservoir beautifully. As a rule, please drink up to two liters of water a day. In this way, we supply our cells with fluid and stimulate metabolism. Besides, the intake of one to two liters of water per day improves our skin appearance and serves as a real beauty secret, because water makes a fresh complexion. Those who want to lose weight can drink slim with the right method. 

  4. Nutrition Tip

    Enough time

    Our sense of time today is quite different from what it was a few decades ago. There is always something new on the to-do list, and you are under pressure – everything would be much easier to do if the day had a few hours more. But what many people don’t know is that stress makes you fat. So if the day packed to the brim, take enough time to eat! If you are sitting in the office, get up, sit down at a table and eat consciously – without doing any other work at the same time. The moment you actively enjoy food with all your senses, you are doing something perfect for your body and soul.

  5. Nutrition Tip

    Fats are important

    Many would not have thought this either, but certain fats are very healthy and should not be missing on a balanced diet. Foods with unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids include walnuts, oily fish such as mackerel or salmon, and avocado. The fat they contain protects the heart and prevents cardiovascular diseases – so take your time here regularly.

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