11 Tips on How to Eat Healthy on the Move

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Healthy on the Move

Those who eat out a lot can sing a song about the "travel kilos" - unhealthy snacks, greasy canteen food, and overflowing restaurant visits. But well planned - and with discipline - you can eat sensibly in almost every canteen or even service area. Our fitness coach has eleven useful tips for eating out.

The Nightmare of Every Healthy Diet - Eating Out

Do you know that? Fatty meat, limp vegetables, sauces from the bucket and as many as possible, but bland side dishes: unfortunately, this is still the daily routine in many American canteens. You can't trust the alibi salad bar, with its ready-made dressings and the slightly brown salad. That's why you finally queue up again for burgers and fries. To face the inevitable afternoon low, treat yourself later to a piece of cake and a cup of coffee with milk. That's quite a lot of energetic food for a working day when most of us don't move much.

At home, you can easily manage to eat a healthy and balanced diet with a little discipline. But when you're on the move, you can' t control your diet. Since you do not prepare the food yourself, you can only speculate about the energy content. That's why you usually eat more abroad than planned.

Healthy Nutrition Works Best at Home

Unfortunately, the menu in canteens contains almost only energy-rich dishes, not to mention the evening meal in the restaurant. The good news is that if you plan - and make smart decisions - you can eat well on the go. It all depends on the choice! That's why we suggest our Top 11 ideas "To Go" as an example.

11 Tips for Healthy Eating on the Move

Tip 1:First, think about what you want to eat and then where you want to eat - not the other way around! It' s more comfortable for you to follow your meal plan.
Tip 2:Drink a large glass of water before eating and order water with your meal. Drinking water before and during meals fills you up and often prevents you from making the wrong decisions.
Tip 3:Keep your hands away from bread! White bread - with dips or pesto - as an appetizer does not count as part of the meal for most people. It is a real energy bomb, in which the processed carbohydrates and fats are also often of poor quality. If you know that you can't stop snacking, order the bread as a precaution. Instead, try a low-calorie starter, ideally a soup or salad.
Tip 4:Mix your salad dressing. Ask for vinegar and oil and leave the sauces (often convenience goods) on the left. Because in finished salad dressing often enormous quantities of sugar hide.
Tip 5:As the main course, the protein-rich variant in the form of poultry or grilled fish is an excellent solution. Well-Roasted rump steak is also a good source of nutrients, whereas fatty roast pork, roulade or goulash are not an alternative. Pulses and soy products are protein sources that you will rarely find in main courses. It may be worth combining two starters instead of one main course.
Tip 6:Fried and breaded products - including vegetables - are best ignored. Because on the one hand they are very calorie-rich, and on the other hand their body is busy the whole afternoon with the fat digestion. It causes the performance curve to drop sharply. Instead, take soy products, meat, or fish. Grilled or untreated is recommended as preparation and use steamed vegetables or salad as a side dish.
Tip 7:There is no need for side dishes. In particular, you can safely leave out typical satiating side dishes such as chips or fried potatoes and order grilled vegetables instead. If you need a satiating side dish, then take cooked rice - preferably the wholemeal version.
Tip 8:Not all pasta is the same. It is best to choose the lighter version with tomato sauce - for example Spaghetti Pomodoro or Penne all` Arrabbiata. They are not as caloric as the creamy varieties with Carbonara or Gorgonzola sauce.
Tip 9:Making an intelligent choice for pizza is, of course, challenging. Avoid greasy toppings such as salami, tuna in oil, or "Quattro Formaggi." You might also share the pizza with a colleague - half a pizza is usually enough to fill your stomach.
Tip 10:Take your time to eat! If you eat and chew slowly and consciously, you will not lose sight of your feeling of fullness. Try to stop clearly before the signal "full of burping." If you are 80 percent saturated, this is usually sufficient. In this way, you escape the afternoon low - and sleep better in the evening.
Tip 11:Treat yourself to a dessert - if it is of good quality. Where else can you experience real enjoyment, if not with dessert? Enjoying without regret requires good quality: Tiramisu, for example, must, of course, be made with mascarpone. Ice cream is an excellent alternative to the often very rich delicacies, which also include mousse or tiramisu. A small cheese platter with a good selection is also a great solution because it provides protein.
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In summary

Enjoyment is essential and right. Those who always deny themselves the beloved four-cheese pizza or the breaded schnitzel tend to "reward" themselves with other unhealthy foods. Of course, you can treat yourself to all these things! But they should remain a special exception in an overall balanced diet. If you take these tips to heart, you can have courageous access to them in the canteen, cafeteria, and restaurant. Provided you keep your metabolism running correctly with the sport and everyday activity.

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