Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Heart health: How one test can help detect early heart disease - WHIO

A simple and affordable heart attack prevention test can help detect heart disease, even before symptoms are present.

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The first time people learn they have heart disease it can already be too late.

Heart attacks are killing younger people and often times there were no previous warning signs.


News Center 7’s Gabrielle Enright learned more about how people, especially those with a family history of heart disease, can get a head start on protecting their heart.


A heart attack can happen quickly and can have deadly results. But there’s a simple and inexpensive test that could sound the alarm before a heart attack happens so that you can take life-saving action. @GEnrightWHIO investigates tonight at 5:00

— WHIO-TV (@whiotv) February 13, 2020

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