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Eating only fruit and vegetables do not count as a balanced diet. Make sure meals cover all five food groups. That’s the key to balanced and healthy eating.

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Fruit and Vegetables with Dr. Joan Salge Blake

“You must eat your fruits and vegetables” is a sentence children often hear. It comes from parents who try to teach them a healthy lifestyle and the importance of a balanced diet from an early age. However, as they mature, it becomes equally essential to ensure that they remain faithful to the mantra.

Dr. Joan Salge Blake
Dr. Joan Salge Blake

Dr. Joan Salge Blake is a clinical associate professor in the Department of Health Sciences at Boston University. She is a certified nutritionist, published author and moderator of the health and wellness podcast “Spot On!” At a time of nutritional trends and alternatives, she continues to promote this message.

“I recommend eating at least two and a half cups of vegetables and two cups of fruit a day, which is a combination of four and a half cups. That’s not much, but people don’t meet these minimum requirements,” Blake said.

Set Nutrition Priorities

The main reason most people don’t have the opportunity to eat a balanced diet every day is because of their meal priorities. Blake: “The problem is that many people wait until late at night to eat. But if you do that, it is challenging to eat the full amount of vegetables at dinner in one meal. I think people forget that they have to eat these meals all day long.”


How Much Fruit is Too Much Fruit?

Apart from vegetables, it stresses the importance of including all five food groups during the day. “What we want to do is make sure the diet is balanced,” Blake said. ” You certainly don’t want to eat fruit and vegetables all day, because that’s not a balanced diet. Make sure that meals contain protein or calcium from dairy products. That’s the key to a balanced and proportional diet.”

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