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Chronic pain patients concerned about proposed federal law - Fox 4

PUNTA GORDA, FLA. — For Debra Alleig, this is the best way she can describe the chronic pain she’s lived with for 17 years.

“It’s like for me a huge toothache. Like a dull, burning, constant, gnawing, nerve-ending root pain kind of,” said Alleig, “If I want to make soup, let’s say I’ll come out, cut an onion. If it’s real bad, I will go back to bed and lay down for half an hour.”

It started with back pain and then hip pain.

One spinal fusion and a hip replacement later and the aching is still there.

Over the years she been prescribed different treatments and has found that opioids work best to give her some quality of life.

But she says recent crackdowns on opioids have left chronic pain sufferers like her dealing with random drug tests, decreasing doses and sometimes being mislabeled as addicted.

“Am I dependent on my medication? Yes. Because otherwise, I would be in bed crying,” said Alleig.

She says that’s why proposed federal laws, like the

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