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Summer is just around the corner, and the pants are still pinching here and there? Then it’s high time to lose a few kilos. If you don’t have the time or the desire for sport, you can use all kinds of aids and Fat Burner that promise an equally good effect. But can they keep their promises? And is that healthy at all?

Miracle Cures, Pills, and Shakes

You can choose from a variety of teas or drinks that increase your metabolism and calorie burning (so-called fat burners) or medicines that suppress hunger.

Remember the Power Pop Lolli, which contains extracts of the African Hoodia cactus? It triggered a particular boom, some years ago and acted as an appetite suppressant. It also includes another plant often used in energy drinks: Guarana. This Plant provides the necessary energy during starvation. Besides, there are substances such as L-tyrosine (an amino acid that is supposed to increase mental energy) and vitamins B6 and B12, which stimulate metabolism.

Some Fat Burner is highly toxic

This lollipop caused a sensation in Hollywood. But the stars and starlets love to do far more dangerous things than a candy. For example, they inject with various ominous liquids such as the pregnancy hormone HCG. It allows you to lose up to 10 kg in just three weeks.

However, the effectiveness of the expensive and dangerous HCG diet was not proven. Some toxic counterfeits are already circulating on the market.

The German Online Portal has already dealt with the topic of weight reduction in various articles and recommended for looking up experience reports.

Which effect must a fat burner have?

No matter, which method you chose, the process of choice should ensure that the dietary fats cause as little damage as possible. They should be metabolized quickly and excreted quickly.

Some tablets contain algae and fillers that practically absorb the fat and excrete it undigested. However, an unpleasant side effect can be nasty diarrhea during the entire application. It disrupts the intestinal flora and disrupts the absorption of essential vitamins. However, the excretion effect undoubtedly achieved.

Most Important Feature of Fat Burner: The Suppressing of Hunger

Another effect that expects from a Fat burner is the suppression of the feeling of hunger or rapid satiety. It prevents you from stuffing yourself with unhealthy things or calories of any kind. The problem could be solved quite easily with various tablets.

However, make a distinction between hunger and appetite. To feel like having an ice cream or almost fainting from hunger, because the stomach has been growling for 6 hours, are two pairs of boots. Desire has to be taken seriously because the body wants to signal that it lacks essential nutrients. If one does not follow this call, the consequences are a weakness attack and a drop in performance. Later, even stomach cramps and nausea can appear.

The fat burner must, therefore, ensure that fat burning stimulates and at the same time, hunger is suppressing. Besides, the person who wants to lose weight must have enough energy not to fall asleep during work or to fall asleep before exhaustion.

The various slimming shakes are therefore popular. They fill the stomach, contain essential nutrients and vitamins, and ensure the desired burning of fat – an ideal combination. They are used as a substitute for one or all three meals, depending on the desired diet. However, you should not use this method for an extended period.

Fat Burner - Do they help losing weight?

The Fat Burner – a Chemistry Lab?

The idea behind the fat burner sounds reasonable and plausible at first. However, the composition of the remedies is problematic. While one swallows a whole arsenal of chemicals before taking a regular, calorie-reduced meal with the tablets, one does not get any healthy food at all with the continuous use of slimming shakes. And the ingredients are often doubtful as well. In the best case, they are ineffective; in the worst case, they are high doses of unhealthy components.

For example, the caffeine contains often denounced as hurting the heart and the central nervous system. Also, there is the alkaloid synephrine, which includes prescription ephedrine. It is too dangerous for the cardiovascular system. These are just two examples of the many different artificial substances in tablets and shakes. But there are other “active ingredients” that are even more unhealthy and dangerous.

Do Fat Burner Supplements Actually Work?

The effect based on the hotness of Chilis

The tablets also often contain konjac flour, commonly used for cooking, especially in Asia. It can bind large amounts of water and thus produce the desired satiation effect. Besides, there is the hot capsaicin, mainly known from chilies. The sharpness provides for an increase of the body temperature and a faster calorie burn. While these substances are not dangerous, they have little effect.

So with a fat burner, no matter if a tablet or shake, you would end up with a mixture of dangerous and (almost) ineffective ingredients. Or to try it another way: The effect is there, but only to a small extent. Besides, some products are incredibly unhealthy in their application and composition.


Of course, enthusiastic customers report on the positive effect of the tasty shakes and the helpful tablets. However, there are just as many reports of dissatisfied users who could hardly notice an impact.

One cannot deny, therefore, the slimming effect roundly but should be aware of the fact that one can also slim by a balanced food intake – without chemicals.

The best one should reach to more abundant in vitamins food such as salad, fruit, and vegetable and move sufficiently. Who would like to make additionally – as an emergency plan – one or two days a Shake cure, which will notice surely an effect, without stressing its body too much. To become permanently slim, however, also goes differently – and healthier.

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