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What is the Best Diet to lose weight successfully and over the long term? The answer has a meta-analysis that evaluates the results of five Harvard studies.

Most diets cause bad moods, blemish the skin, and are in the end not successful. But there are of course exceptions such as the Dash diet, the Volumetrics, or the well-known low carb variant, which work well for most people to lose weight. But what is the best slimming food in the world, based on irrefutable scientific facts?

Slimming principle: whole grain products, fish, or preferably vegetables?

Of course, not everybody reacts immediately to specific diet programs – for some, it helps, for others, it doesn’t, and for others, simple calories are the best. But as a meta-study from five different studies at Harvard University found out, a particular food offers the highest probability of losing weight. Data from 998 overweight participants were analyzed in the study, in particular, their answers to the question of which diet they were most likely to lose weight on.

Best Diet: No need to count calories to lose weight

The result: Compared to the low-fat and low carb, the Mediterranean diet performed best for the slimming effect. The subjects’ nutrition did not include fasteners, but mainly fresh fruit, olive oil, Mediterranean vegetables, pasta, lean meat, and lots of fish. Food with a lot of sugar and fat is hardly present in the menu. On average, participants on the Mediterranean diet lost between four and eleven kilos within a year.

Low Carb also beneficial for Weight Loss

In addition to the Mediterranean, the low carb diet (large portion renunciation of carbohydrates) showed the greatest success in losing weight. The participants were also able to lose an average of four to ten kilograms with this nutrition. In terms of health, however, the Mediterranean variant performed far better. Because: With the help of the Mediterranean Diet, the risk for cardiovascular illnesses lowered by up to 30 percent.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>With low-fat diets, the participants only lost two to five kilos during the year. And also important to know: The Volumetrics- and the dash-diet/”>Dash Diet have not been part of the analysis.

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