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The NOOM diet firmly focused on the mental aspect of weight loss. It encourages its users to read articles about inhibitors and identify possible triggers.

Currently, countless American diets are being marketed – from Weight Watchers to ketogenic diets. It seems that a new weight loss diet advertised every week. The latest program has a strangely memorable name: NOOM.

NOOM pulls you with its free 30 seconds on-line evaluation into its spell. This evaluation determines your ideal and current weight, height, sex, and age. As a registered nourishing advisor, I was curious to see what it had with the program on itself. So I registered.


How does the NOOM Diet work?

After you have provided your data, the website asks several questions. Your answers best describe your personality, your current diet, typical meals, your eating habits, and other aspects, including back problems, chronic diseases, medication, and environmental influences.

You can expect questions like: How busy are you on an average day? How do you usually prepare your meals? At what time of the day do you feel most hungry?

For all questions, you can choose from a range of answer options. After your evaluation, you must confirm your email address. After confirming, you will receive two pieces of information: The month in which you can expect to reach your target weight and how much it will cost you to get there with this service.

I wanted to lose about 25 pounds, and the price after the free trial was $74.25 for two months. I chose “fast” as my desired weight loss speed. It determined that I could lose my desired weight by May, with my original questions and reviews all completed around January 17. I was also offered an upgrade to an individual training plan for $39, a personalized meal plan for $59, or a weight loss DNA test for $39.

As you continue, more questions will appear to evaluate your individual goals, lifestyle, food allergies, and nutrition planning. NOOM identifies this as your “big picture” and references it in the app. The overall picture defined as:

  • Super Goals: These are the big ones you want to achieve by the end of the program.
  • Your Ultimate Why: It’s about motivating factors (and guides you through the future of how your life will be different).

Various NOOM programs

You can choose from several program elements. I concentrated on the “Healthy Weight” program. This plan lasted 16 weeks (with post-program activities) and allowed me to record weight, steps, and food (with budgeted amounts for everything). For about a week, I followed the app, and it gave me access to virtual groups, articles, challenges, and unique weekend content. The app also has an integrated pedometer that allows you to evaluate each step.

I had my coach, and it was easy to connect with her. All I had to do was click on the chat icon in the upper right corner of the app. My coach was available from Monday to Friday, and all communication was via in-app chat.

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