Nordic Diet - Slimming thanks to Danish food?

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Nordic Diet - Slimming thanks to Danish food?

Seasonal and Regional Food

Thinner thanks to Danish food? The new trend is inspired by the cult restaurant 'Noma' in Copenhagen. Is the Nordic Diet perfect for losing weight?

Whether slimming or health - for many years, the Mediterranean diet was regarded as the ultimate. But now the competition comes from the far north. The Nordic Diet proves that the Mediterranean region with olive oil and Co. is not the only health well; also, other areas have much good to offer. After trend foods became increasingly exotic and expensive over a long period, a return to regional cuisine heralded.

Copenhagen as a trendsetter

The restaurant 'Noma' celebrate foodies from all over the world as a quantum leap in culinary art. Without compromise, the chefs at the Restaurant only use seasonal and regional ingredients. This philosophy is a guarantee of success. It is not for nothing that the restaurant awarded the title of "best restaurant in the world." The dishes mainly based on fish and game. But you will also find heartily spiced vegetarian food.

The combinations on the menu sound unusual: Jerusalem artichokes with roasted hay oil or pork neck with bulrush. Besides, there are many traditional methods of preparation which, when used in a modern way, tickle the taste buds, such as smoking over hay. Gourmets and curious people often have to wait many months for a table in the restaurant; no wonder that 'Noma' has inspired many chefs and found numerous imitators.

How healthy is the Nordic diet?

This success story also drew the attention of scientists at the University of Copenhagen. Already in 2011, they carried out a large-scale study with 57,000 test persons. The results showed that those who concentrated on traditional cuisine with lots of fruit, roots, vegetables, and cereals were the healthiest. The participants renounced as far as they could animal fats and sugar. It made them much more energetic than the second test group. This group concentrated - for comparison - on modern Danish nutrition.

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The mortality rate among participants aged between 50 and 64 was a sensational 36 percent lower among Nordic eaters.

Not surprising, the high north offers nevertheless much good: Rye bread is particularly fiber-rich and also contains many vegetable secondary substances. Mainly men profit from consumption since the formation of prostate tumors is inhibited. Also, cabbage and berries protect against cancer. In greasy fish sorts such as mackerel and herring plentifully Omega 3 is, which protects the containers and prevents such heart illnesses and strokes. Studies from Sweden and Finland have also confirmed that Nordic Diet lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The researchers also praised the fact that it was easy for the participants to maintain their diet because it contained many familiar elements; this is a problem for many who try the Mediterranean diet.

Lose weight with the Nordic Diet

Dr. Thomas Meinart Larsen from the University of Copenhagen led a study that aimed to assess the effects of Nordic diets on overweight testing. Of the 181 participants, 68 were allowed to maintain their usual diet, while 113 switched to Nordic Diet. No one had to count calories - everyone should eat until they were full. Within half a year, the Nordic Eaters decreased three times as much as the regular eaters - on average 5kg compared to 1.5kg.

Among other things, wholemeal rye bread, which is very satiating and thus supports weight loss, helps. Rapeseed oil is the preferred regional oil variant, which is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Potatoes, root vegetables, legumes, and cabbage are the focus of the Nordic Diet, as are fruits such as apples, pears, and berries. More fish than meat should be eating; red meat is only seldom on the table and then in the best quality - and it can also be game. And maybe you'll also find berries and mushrooms on your next autumn walk that provide variety.

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