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The famous “Today Early Morning” Chef Gino has developed the strategy of the Italian Food Plan. In yesterday’s edition of How to Shed Pound Very Well, nutritionists analyzed the approach. But what is the exact nutrition strategy? Can it help you break down fat quickly?

How does the Italian Food Plan work?

The strategy follows the chef’s reflections on Mediterranean food culture.

Mediterranean cuisine inspires by Greek cuisine. The dishes prepared according to the same principle, but with an Italian touch.

The Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, according to the study.
It is ideal for the prevention of cancer and the treatment of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer‘s disease.

What foods are on the menu?

Mediterranean dishes contain many fruits, vegetables, and nuts. One focus is on fish.

Italian dishes at a glance

On his website, Gino explains that the nutrition plan offers enough possibilities to meet one’s taste.

“The recipes in the Italian diet plan are complete with fresh fish, lean meat, legumes, olive oil, and a lot of fruit and vegetables. Italian cuisine allows a serious weight loss. It is a completely natural, truly beneficial diet that adapts to your way of life”.

What does the meal plan include?

Switching from two of your three daily meals to smoothies allows you to reduce fat with this strategy. They consist mainly of vegetables and fruit.

A portion of cooked food is also allowed every day – yet people who lose weight must “chew longer” than usual, explained Dr. Xand.

Dairy products, alcoholic drinks, fried foods, and sugar are forbidden.

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