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Generally, we understand a diet to mean any renunciation. The objective is to become slim as quickly and effectively as possible. In other words: Those who stick to a diet want to lose weight!

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However, if you do it right, you may not care what advertising has done with it.

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Different Diet Forms Are Available

Following the wave of slimness in the 1960s, the image of nutrition has fundamentally changed in people’s minds. A diet is a particular way of eating, which is partly prescribed by doctors for various reasons. However, this does not necessarily have anything to do with losing weight.

Which Diets Work?

Unfortunately, advertisement has recognized that there is a lot of money earning with the vanity of people. That’s why new diets appear, again and again, the success of which is at least doubtful.


Fleshless Diet

Veganism or vegetarianism is also a form of diet. You choose a particular kind of nutrition that is off the beaten track. In this case, fleshless or completely animal-free food. Ethical or ecological reasons often provide the impetus for decision-making.


Medical / Preventive Causes

Deciding on a diet can also be done for health reasons. For example, it is essential for people with diabetes to pay attention to the intake of carbohydrates and to keep an eye on their glycemic index. With other diseases, it can even make sense to go through a diet with significantly more calories than our body needs to gain weight.

Aesthetic Reasons

Bodybuilders do the same to build muscles. They rely on a strongly protein-oriented menu with an above-average number of calories. Because already Einstein described the connection between energy and mass broad active.

Vegetarian Nutrition is also a Form of Diet

Various Diets Have Different Targets

A diet is therefore not necessarily synonymous with slimming. The effects of many diet variants in circulation make one doubt the sense of doing anything anyway. If you want to lose weight, you should take Einstein to heart and put your faith in food with as low an energy density as possible. Fruit, vegetables, and salad are the magic words here: Everyone knows it, few do it!


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