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The so-called ABC diet can help you lose weight by only eating your way through the alphabet. The basic idea of this unique diet is that those who want to lose weight should eat as varied food as possible so that there can be little or no deficiency symptoms.

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Those who now believe that they have to stick to extremely complicated menus are wrong. After all, the ABC diet contains a straightforward nutritional structure. That is why this diet program is the top priority for many overweight people.

How does the ABC Diet work?

As already mentioned, you can implement the ABC diet very quickly. So we don’t have to explain much about that here. Before starting the food selection, you must first write down all the dishes, as well as the ingredients they contain, in alphabetical order. Then take this list with you when you go shopping to buy the food you need for a month. From each letter, at least two to three meals should include. It is even better if there are five or six products.

On the first day of your ABC diet, you can eat all the foods that begin with the letter A. On the second day, all meals with the letter B to eat. The third day all foods starting with the letter C and so on. Once you have reached the last note, Z, start all over again.

What advantages does the ABC Diet have for you?

You will probably see at a glance why the ABC diet is so popular with many people, because most other diet programs, such as mono or radical diets, can hardly keep up with its simple implementation.

If you want to lose weight, you can also concentrate on natural foods, and this diet can also use as a kind of health cure. Particularly since the ABC Diet always holds a very different food plan ready.

It is an advantage if you do regular strength training in addition to this diet program. The additional consumption of a protein powder is advisable, as this successfully prevents muscle breakdown. In combination with a regular sports program, the protein powder can also help you to build muscle. It should be taken early in the morning, but can also consume after training.


What disadvantages does the Diet have?

With the organization of the calorie balance, we must evaluate the ABC diet rather negatively. After all, users can eat anything in addition to the alphabet if it matches the initial letter. Numerous users of the ABC diet often make a mistake here and continue to snack lively after the example of the alphabet. It quickly leads to increased calorie intake and thus also to a calorie surplus. Of course, losing weight in this way does not work.

The easiest way to ensure a calorie deficit during the Diet

During each diet, it is essential to achieve a negative calorie balance. If you don’t feel like expanding your planning here, you can choose foods that act as appetite suppressants. Accordingly, on the day of the letter E, for example, satiating eggs can be on the menu or oat flakes on the day H or curd on the day Q.


It is essential to include all foods in the diet that have a low-calorie density and in unison large amounts of trace elements, vitamins, such as micronutrients ready. Who eats here daily much vegetable after the appropriate letter, will successfully decrease. By the high volume and the simultaneous relatively small number of calories, a saturation feeling takes place by far faster, so that users eat in this way automatically less. The resulting energy deficit then leads to successful weight reduction.

Support the effect. It is recommended to drink plenty of water or unsweetened tea before each meal. It does not only favor a purification of the body but also ensures that the stomach well filled before the intake of food so that less eaten. So it is recommended to consume at least two liters of liquid daily during a diet. It is even better to drink between three and four liters a day.

ABC Diet in Overall Rating

Result: The ABC Diet can be quite helpful entirely if it is to come to a healthier lifestyle. Who would like to decrease however successfully with this diet program, should always not only the initial letter of the respective food in the eye keep but likewise a view throw, what it eats. It is best to consume foods that have a low-calorie density but still satisfy your appetite. Thus it plays a significant role with the ABC Diet, how users accomplish this slimming cure. With the chosen procedure, then the pounds tumble or also not.

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