Stye: How to get rid of the nasty inflammation of the eye?

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The eye is a particularly sensitive Organ; therefore, a Stye is not only uncomfortable but should also treat gently. But what exactly it is actually in this nasty eye disease?

What is a Stye, and how is it generated?

The Stye or Hordeolum is a mostly purulent inflammation of the eyelid, where we distinguish between two types:

  • When it forms on the inside of the Lids, called Hordeolum internum, it will occur at the Lid edge and in the area of the eyelashes, it is called Hordeolum externum.
  • Bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus, can be found on any skin type. Particularly in a weakened immune system, the sebum coming out of the sweat glands inflames the eyelids.
  • But also through Dirt and germs can get into the eyes, which have a barley grain will result.
  • Often affected children or adults do not wash it with the hands so seriously.
A stye is a painful inflammation. It is best to consult your doctor.
A stye is a painful inflammation. It is best to consult your doctor.

Symptoms of a barley seed

To overlook a barley grain is not a rule: The affected eyelid swells rapidly, and it acts as if hiding a knot, or grain underneath – hence the Name. The Lid reddens and starts to pain, the pus in the abscess transformed an unpleasant feeling of tension. The conjunctiva of the eye is usually affected and also swollen and reddened; additionally, it can come to fever.

So to get rid of a stye again

Usually, a crop grain bursts open by itself after some time. The accumulated amount of pus decreases, and the inflammation disappears. The complete healing takes place quickly. In individual cases, the inflammation can spread to the rest of the eye; drops or ointments containing antibiotics can help.

Prevent you can RUB a stye is quite simple: stay away from the eye, and if then only with clean hands.

How to Treat a Stye in Your Eye QUICKLY

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