Face Care for Men: Make yourself as Attractive as the Stars!

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Face Care for Men: Make yourself as Attractive as the Stars!

The modern man relies on facial care

Honestly, I still don't quite understand men who think clean skin is unmanly. Honestly, I even don't quite understand men who believe that groomed surface is unmanly. Before they get into the embarrassment of receiving compliments for their sensitive, soft, and firm skin, they risk wrinkles, razor burn, blackheads, or dull skin. And the cost of face care for men is a joke. At least in comparison to the effort that women take on themselves when they make themselves pretty. 

Smooth and beautiful skin makes you sexy!

Guys, you will not lose your dominant position in the world, because your moisturizer used! On the contrary, manicure, eyebrow corrections, treatments at the beautician, and hair law are dyeing in the chief days now. Face care has worked ever keeping fit. So get on the shelves in the perfumery and drugstore market!

Face care: men like it fresh

Football players are a good example: they are not only in the limelight because of their performance. They are also increasingly in the spotlight because of their styling. Both on and off the pitch. The ball artists have become ad - coveted-makers for fashion, body, and face care.

The German national football coach Joachim Löw, Nivea's advertising medium, embodies this new type of man perfectly. "Football has taken such an important position in our society that for me a well-groomed appearance is simply part of it." He feels well only after extensive care: "I pay a lot of attention to my body, especially in stressful times. In that case, I take enough time for myself".

Seventy dollars a month

an average man spends on cosmetics.

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The man of today wants to optimize the cosmetic appearance. To feel comfortable in his skin (60 percent) and safe (16 percent), as a study has found out. Fit and beautiful should be, who are in daily competition, and – logically – the women want to please.

In Germany, for example, consumers spent on in 2016 a total of around 13.6 billion Euro for beauty care - and the trend is rising. However, the supply of cosmetics for women is still about ten times as large. But in the case of men, there are more dynamics in it, you are the more attractive target, also in the case of scents.

Face Care for men is coming in a big way

Cosmetic companies take their behavior precisely under the magnifying glass and knowledge. About 30 minutes, a German man spends a day in the bathroom, every second is already using facial care, some even daily (14 percent, L'oréal-study).

According to market research of Nivea Men lot of (42 percent) use, but the cream of a partner or use all-purpose creams (57 percent). Precisely this new skincare lines come with Power-the active ingredients in the shops. Skin and hair without much effort are to be optimized. New shower gels, shampoos, and creams are practical, versatile, and with faster effect.

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