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Matt is out; shiny is in! The latest Make-up Trend that has conquered the Fashion Weeks, the catwalk is Dewy Skin and is suitable for the Season – from autumn thaw inspired. Translated means Dewy Skin “dewy skin,” and the same effect your complexion with this so-called Wet-Look. Will, he achieved by wet textures on the cheeks, temples and around the lips. The result is a fresh, healthy Look for the fall months.

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Do you want to try the Dewy Skin Trend?

We have succeeded in some tips, the dew-kissed Look!

1st Tip: Beauty Oil for a silky Finish

The base for the Dewy Skin Look well-moisturized skin, care you always with moisturizing creams and facial masks. Also, Oil can provide a natural, silky finish eighth, however, that you do take with a non-comedogenic product that clogs your pores. Jojoba oil is exceptionally well tolerated by our skin, as it resembles the Oil produced by it, and thus is absorbed quickly, without an annoying oily Film behind. What remains is a silky luster and a fantastic base for your Make-up.

2nd Tip: Liquid Highlighter + Foundation

Did you use a liquid indicator to achieve the Dewy Skin look? Mix the foundation with the make-up and spread with a damp sponge.

3rd Tip: Avocado Oil + Blusher

Mix a little Avocado Oil in your cream or Gel Blusher. Thanks to its thick consistency, the product is not liquefied, the Oil, the Rouge, however, receives a silky Finish – just like the dew on a crisp autumn morning.


4th Tip # 4: Marula Oil in the atomizer

Marula Oil is not precisely cheap since the extraction of Marula seed is done painstakingly by hand.

Nevertheless, this Beauty product is worth the investment, especially if you fell in love with the Dewy Skin Trend. The Oil hydrates the skin and protects against free Radicals. Sparsely used, it leaves your skin in a natural gloss. Just in a vaporizer and, after the usual make-up routine-two splash on the face.

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