Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Watch a Burlesque Dancer’s Full Beauty Routine — Video

Much like the Rockettes and ballerinas, burlesque dancers put tons of time and effort into getting ready for their performances. Take Angie Pontani, for instance: She’s a dancer who’s been in the business since 1995 and she tells Allure that to this day, she still gives herself a cool three to four hours to get ready for a show when she’s at home. (She also happens to be the mother of a toddler, so extra time is key in case something comes up.)

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Pontani’s mornings almost always begin with her daughter and a trip to the gym. “We have breakfast together every morning, and then after I take her to school, I go to the gym for at least an hour,” she says. “I try to every day to stay in shape,” she adds. Post-gym sesh, Pontani makes herself a healthy smoothie, showers, and then slathers her body in almond or coconut oil. “Burlesque dancers wear a ton of body makeup so I try to make sure my skin is alwa Read More

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