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Vegan and fitness lifestyles thriving in Midtown, NYC’s healthiest area: report - amNY

Now that we’re over one week into the new year, many are starting to think about starting to incorporate healthier habits into their routines. Depending on where you live in New York City, this can prove to be a difficult task.

But if a recent report is accurate, it’s not hard for someone to keep a new year’s resolution to be healthier in one Manhattan neighborhood. recently released their interactive map highlighting which neighborhoods in the city are the most healthy. The map breaks down the list based on the number of vegetarian/vegan restaurants as well as fitness studios/clubs in each area.

The healthiest neighborhood on the list was Midtown-Midtown South, which RentHop concluded has the most plant-based food establishments and gyms in the area, scoring 100 points (out of 100) in both the veggie and fitness categories. They also ranked as first in having the highest number of vegetarian/vegan restaurants with 48 in total, as well as fitness studios/clubs with 58 in total.

Following behind at number two is the SoHo-TriBeCa-Civic Center-Little Italy area, with a fitness score of 66 and a veggie score of 51. This area has 29 vegetarian/vegan restaurants, and 45 fitness studios Read More

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