Skip the Makeup—Zoom’s Beauty Filter Is Here


There’s nothing like working from home under quarantine and your boss decides it’s time for a virtual meeting and you haven’t even brushed your teeth yet. Luckily, Zoom’s beauty filter is here to help. The meeting app has blown up in recent weeks with everyone using it for work conference calls, happy hours and even hangouts. At first, there was big talk about all the fun backgrounds to make your co-workers and friends laugh (and hide your mess), but now it’s all about the hidden blurring feature.

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When you wake up and you just can’t, pop on a blazer over your PJs and look for the “Touch Up My Appearance” box. It’s under “Video Settings” and “My Video.” Check the box and a blurring filter goes over your face. It’s not applying makeup like an Instagram filter but instead blurs out any “imperfections.” It makes your skin look smooth and bright and your hair look flyaway-free. Skip the foundation and check that box to fake flawless skin.

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