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Nurticeutcials (a.k.a. vitamins and supplements that we take for beauty purposes) are certainly nothing new, but there’s a lesser-known skin and hair care star that’s starting to get noticed. Silicia is gaining traction in the beauty sphere as of late for its hair-enhancing magical powers. Silica is one of the most abundant natural elements found in the body, and unsurprisingly, it’s critical for healthy skin and hair. Silicia hair growth supplements are not only linked with accelerated hair re-growth, but it’s also an integral part of our skin’s natural regeneration process (i.e. our body’s natural anti-aging product.)

The mineral helps aid cell renewal because and plays a critical role in our body’s collagen production. Silica helps our cells retain moisture and connects protein molecules, functioning like glue. All science jargon aside, Silica has actually been found to help promote balanced hormones, and hormonal disturbances are one of the main causes of hair thinning. Secondly, Silica helps transport nutrients to certain pa Read More

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