Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Round Up Lifestyle: Anyone Can Celebrate and Receive Love - The Round Up

With February coming up, I wanted to write about the importance of love. When mentioning the word, there are different images that are conjured. The loving touch of a friend, a word of reassurance from a stranger, gifts from an admirer or the overarching nostalgia one feels when exposed to an out-of-this world experience. Whichever the case, love can be expressed and felt in an infinite amount of ways.

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Being single myself, I am well aware of the anxiety and sadness that can occur amongst my peers who are without romantic partners. Having the authority of one of these “single” individuals, I wanted to take some time to encourage you today.

Love is everywhere. It is not just given romantically. And it is not just received as such either. In high school, I was hyper aware of the fact that my locker neighbor had often received four or five gifts every other hour, while I had received only one — from my mother. But, is that so bad? A radical statement to say in a time when romantic relationships are highly encouraged, I am aware, but I will repeat the question boldly. Is that so bad? As we often see in the news, one positive act of kindness has the power to outshine much of the darkness that is experienced today. Kindness is a byproduct of love. What if we allow the love we receive from our friends, parents, grandparents, and others to outshine the potential loneliness Read More

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