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Reddit Is Reusing Empty The Ordinary Bottles

If you know Reddit, you know that the SkincareAddiction subreddit is the place to go when you need advice on beauty products — and that’s apparently true of when you need advice on what to do with your beauty products when they’re empty. On Sunday, January 12, a redditor who goes by the username SunflowersOrDaisies asked, “Any ideas on reusing empty TO bottles?” referring to The Ordinary‘s little glass dropper bottles. “My boyfriend is giving me a hard time because I don’t want to throw them out… but they’re so cute.”

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Fellow Redditors were ready to jump in with suggestions, and the post has since gained nearly 200 comments, many of which include ways to reuse the bottles for additional beauty purposes.

“Use them to decant larger skincare products for travel,” one person wrote — an idea that numerous other commenters agreed with. Others recommended using the bottles for DIY skin care, with one person saying, “I use my em Read More

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