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Distance may make the heart grow fonder — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Frankly, relationships are challenging in general, but if you and your S.O. are in an LDR, it can be even more difficult to express your love and keep your bond intact. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, the quest for finding the perfect gifts for long-distance couples is all the more pressing. Sure, you could opt for mailing your boo a standard box of chocolates and a sweet love letter, but why not opt for a more unique gift that will actually strengthen your bond — whether through a dash of humor courtesy of a “girlfriend” pillow or a sex toy that allows you to get intimate with your partner even when you’re restricted to remote love-making?

Whether you’ve moved away from your loved one to embark on a new career journey, or decided to take on a graduate degree at an out-of-state University, long-distance love may not be an easy feat, but keeping the romance alive from a distance is far from impossible (pun intended). One of my ex-boyfriends and I lived about thre Read More

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