Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Simple and subtle, the brows were the only focus of the Michael Kors makeup look this New York Fashion Week — and for good reason. “We want to maintain what’s individually beautiful about the girls and the boys,” lead makeup artist Dick Page said backstage. And to do that, Page didn’t seek to create any structural effects on the face other than emphasizing the eyebrows with the newest launch from Maybelline New York.

To get make a “believably strong” arch, he used the new Maybelline Brow Extensions Fiber Pomade Crayon. The gel stick is packed with a high concentration of thickening fibers, which adhere to brow hairs so you can fill in and create a fuller shape. It goes on like a dream, with a creamy, smooth texture that has a realistic matte finish for the most natural-looking brow. It comes in six shades and costs less than $10.

Sold yet? Well, the only catch is that it’s not out yet. To get your hands on this magic product, you’ll have to wait until June.


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