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When it comes to nutrition, there’s plenty we don’t know.

Although it may be hard to accept, the jury’s still out on red meat. On eggs. On low carb versus low fat. On Paleo versus fully plant-based.

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In fact, there’s very little we can say with absolute certainty.

Science hasn’t identified one best diet or eating approach.

Because of that, you can be sure no documentary filmmaker has. No matter how compelling or convincing the movie.

(This includes filmmakers you agree with, by the way.)

So what do you do when a client—or a friend or family member—watches a trending nutrition documentary and becomes captivated with:

  • nutrition advice that contradicts what you’ve been telling them?
  • questionable eating methods you believe will set them back?
  • an extreme diet you’re pretty darn sure will fail?

First, take a breath. (Or two.)

Next, understand that, in most cases, you can’t “prove” anyone wrong.


More importantly: You shouldn’t even try.

There’s a much healthier and more effective approach for your clients, your business, and your sanity…

Aim to be helpful, not right.

This mindset lightens the tone of your conversations, fosters trust and appreciation, and allows you to ultimately have greater influence. (It&rsq Read More

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