Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Do you like gardening? Do you see it as a form of exercise? Personally, I see it as a hobby but an active one – so much better than slouching about. One of our regular contributor Zack Spring from Travel Fit is here today to talk a bit about gardening. Here goes:


If you’ve ever tried to pull weeds for longer than 10 minutes, you know exactly which muscle groups feel it in the morning. The workout is unmistakable. After just a few weeks in the dirt, you have the abs, biceps, and calves to prove that you don’t even need a gym membership for a lot of the year. Yet, as with any exercise regimen, there are always ways to step up your game and get more intentional about your time in “the zone.”


Now every garden is unique, so the manual labor it takes to keep it up will vary. But the one thing that every garden has in common is that it needs to be tended almost daily. Since our physical bodies need exercise daily, the two make an unbeatable combination of calorie burning and Read More

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