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The new human being is an office person and spends a large part of his life sitting. However, because sitting always is not natural for our bodies, health problems are inevitable. You should take care to move correctly now and then. If you now set up your workplace ergonomically, your chances of not suffering from back pain later increase.

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Tension in the area of shoulders, neck and back, headaches and concentration difficulties are typical inconveniences of everyday office life. These complaints are mostly due to an unhealthy sitting posture, too little movement, or bad air. Often these deficiencies compound by outdated or incorrectly adjusted work equipment. The consequences of this permanently unnatural handling of one’s own body are often chronic back pain. Even small changes in your daily habits can help you take timely countermeasures. Protect yourself and your most valuable asset, your health.

How desk delinquents stay healthy

  1. An essential tool for a healthy posture is the right office chair. It should have a high backrest and various height adjustment options. But even the best chair will not help if it is not adjusted correctly. The best solution is a comfortable and upright sitting posture. The entire seat area of the foot used, while the soles of the feet comfortably touch the ground.
  2. You should avoid sitting in the same position for as long as possible. In addition to slight changes in sitting posture, getting up prevents postural damage. Walking around or placing essential devices out of reach helps integrate movement into your everyday life.
  3. Furthermore, the correct positioning of the monitor and keyboard prevents cramping of the shoulder and neck muscles. While the view of the screen should direct slightly downwards, the keyboard must be easily accessible with angled arms.
  4. The absence of the car or the elevator as well as getting out of the tram earlier are also natural ways to bring more movement into your life.
  5. Many a lack of concentration is due to stuffy and stuffy air so that regular ventilation can be a blessing for mind and body.

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