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Healthy Gardening

Today we recommend a real miracle cure: It helps you lower your blood pressure, reduce stress, and relieve your pain. Doesn’t that sound very good? There’s only one catch – you have to move: Gardening is not just fun. It also has an extremely positive effect on your health. In the case of depression or burnout, the garden even used as a therapy.

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Whether you’re planting flowers, picking weeds, or raking beds: If you own a garden, you have a lot to do. But you don’t just work for your garden, you also actively do something for your health. Gardening has a very positive effect on body, mind, and soul. Hobby gardeners benefit from a soothing mix of fresh air, light, the handling of plants, and physical activity. Gardening thus becomes a natural medicine.

The Garden as Natural Remedy

  • Gardening improves the cardiovascular system: the pulse becomes calmer, the heart rate more evenly, blood pressure drops.
  • The entire metabolism stimulated. The body produces hormones that can even relieve pain. You will also feel less pain while gardening.
  • The cholesterol level drops.
  • The thoughtful attention increases. The brain functions more efficiently, disturbances are switched off, the ability to concentrate increases.
  • Stress reduces since increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol are demonstrably reduced by gardening. The general mood increases, and muscle tensions are released.
  • Fresh air improves breathing; the breathing volume increases. It stimulates many of the body’s regeneration processes.
  • Gardening keeps you fit like sport and offers an excellent opportunity to increase your overall weekly activity.

Gardening Makes You Happy

The occupation in and with nature has a significant influence on our well-being. Stress levels drop and feelings of happiness increase as a result of creative work in the countryside. Through light and movement, people also blossom while gardening. Gardening, therefore, has a particularly positive effect on emotional stress, depression, and anxiety – both preventive and therapeutic. Garden therapy is therefore increasingly used in psychiatric institutions, for children with developmental delays, for addictions or in retirement homes.

Herbs on the balcony

It doesn’t always have to be your garden or allotment garden. Gardening is also possible on the terrace and balcony. In some cities, there are even small city gardens that can be used and shared by all residents. Such green islands contribute significantly to the quality of life and health. Home-grown herbs and vegetable plants are also very popular with younger people.


Protecting health during gardening work

As a hobby gardener, you should take care to harvest not only flowers, herbs, and vegetables, but also health and well-being.

  • Think of your back. Do not carry heavy objects such as planters alone. And don’t work too long in a stooped position. Ergonomic garden tools are better.
    Rakes and hooks with a long style enable upright gardening.
  • Protect your knee joints and use special knee pads when gardening on the ground.
  • Protect your hands with garden gloves to prevent injuries and infections.
  • Always provide adequate sun protection, especially in spring and summer. Use sun cream if necessary, and wear a hat if you are in the garden or on the balcony for a long time. Information on the intensity of UV radiation can found at

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