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You want to go on a diet and are looking for good ideas? Do you prefer tried and tested advice and diet ideas from experts who know what they are talking? Then you will get the right tips from us.

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Did you know that with the right food, you can lose weight quickly? That you can lose many calories with simple methods? Absolutely! We’ll give you a lot of great tips to help you lose a lot of calories. And best of all: this change will not bother you in any way.

Good Diet Ideas

  • If you don’t like fruit juices, you should mix them into a spritzer. It will save you up to 115 cal!
  • If you want to eat something sweet, you should try Licorice sticks. They contain no calories and still suggest that you are eating something sweet.
  • Nuts are known to be very healthy. But there are many calories in some of them. So try chestnuts.
  • If you are hungry for chocolate, we recommend the chocolate kiss.
  • Butter contains an incredible amount of calories. If you take butter, make sure it is soft. It will make you lubricate your bread much less.
  • Try to spread your meals and portions evenly throughout the day. In this way, you lose a lot more and much more efficiently. Instead of three solid meals, you should eat small portions several times a day.
  • If you want to lose weight, you should use your bike instead of your car. That will help you reduce a lot of calories.
  • Sport is still the best medicine. But it is strenuous. But not if you use every opportunity to run, carry shopping bags or the like. You have to try to accept the efforts of everyday life consciously. It also helps you to reduce calories actively.
  • The right nutrition plays a decisive and essential role in your diet. But keep in mind that a mono-diet has fatal consequences for your health – and thus for your complete weight loss concept. It is all the more critical that you try to take in fats and carbohydrates during the diet besides. You should compensate for this with additional sports activities.
  • You should always pay attention to your basal metabolic rate. If you are in a relationship, you could refresh your sex life. Because by having regular sex, you reduce an extreme amount of calories.

There are many more diet ideas. Or to lose weight even faster, more comfortable, and without much effort.

Successfully losing weight in the long term

With all diet ideas, it is essential that you try to lose weight in the long run. It means that you have to change your complete nutrition. That is a deliberate process as you should live with the change over a more extended period. Your Reforms should, therefore, be well thought out and geared to a healthy lifestyle.

Always combine a diet with sports

A change in diet alone will not be enough. Also, it is essential that you combine this with an extensive sports program. In this way, you can reduce your calories more efficiently. But one thing you should know about diets in general: You should minimize your calorie intake by a maximum of 500 calories per day.

You should not lose the remaining calories through your diet but a sports program. So you can work with a balanced ratio. There is no malnutrition, and at the same time, you stimulate your metabolism through physical activity. It is sufficient if you exercise every three days.

Good diet ideas against ravenous appetite attacks

Cravings attacks are incredibly unpleasant. They can destroy the success of a diet relatively quickly. Therefore, creative ideas needed that will help you to do something about cravings right away. We want to introduce some of them to you. Caution: This does not apply to diets during pregnancy.


Linseed contains numerous fibers that swell up after consumption. It leads to a feeling of fullness relatively quickly. If you are in the middle of a diet and have a cravings attack, then you should eat a tablespoon of linen seeds.


The tomato contains substances which have a satiating effect. All you have to do is cut the plant into small pieces, eat it with some wholemeal bread, and you will feel the remarkable result.


Drink lots of water

During a diet, the loss of water is extremely high. The body is almost longing for energy. That leads to cravings. Therefore increased water consumption is essential. Best 2-3 l within one day.

From which diet ideas we advise against

We advise against various things you can do wrong during a diet. These include, for example, the principle of a mono diet.

It means that you have a very one-sided diet. That can have fatal consequences for you, first, for your health, but also your weight loss. In the worst case, the yo-yo effect will start. In other words, you lose weight for a short time and gain a lot in the long run.

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