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Program to help women get in shape

Fitness program helps plus-sized women get in shape

TUCKER, Ga.Bridgette Ukah needs her “A” game to hold the attention of her kindergarteners at Clayton County’s Tara Elementary School in Morrow, Georgia. 

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Fitness program targets overlooked group: plus-sized women - FOX 5 Atlanta

Bridgette Ukah, a kindergarten teacher at Tara Elementary in Morrow, Georgia, has lost 130 pounds.

These days, Ukah says, getting down on their level is a lot easier than it used to be.

“I’m able to sit on the floor with my students now,” Ukah says.  “Before, I couldn’t sit on the carpet!”

Ukah says she was just too big to sit comfortably on the mats with her students.

“I thought that’s just where I was: I was going to be big, a heavier girl.  But, it was really starting to depress me.”

— Bridgette Ukah

She had been active in high school, she says, but then stopped exercising in college.



That’s when Ukah began gaining weight.

By the time t Read More

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