Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Peanut allegery treatment

There is now a new treatment for peanut allergies

ATLANTAAt 2-years-old, Jackson Stephens has become a regular at Atlanta Allergy and Asthma, because his mom Heather says he’s highly allergic to peanuts.

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“It was pretty scary,” Stephens says.  “We found out when he was 9-months-old, per our pediatrician’s advice to give peanuts and try it.”

<div><img src=";tl=1" alt> </div><p>But two minutes after Jackson had his first taste of peanuts, he began to have a reaction.

“He started turning red around his mouth, and he started becoming really lethargic,” Stephens says.  “Basically, he started projectile vomiting, went limp, an anaphylactic reaction.”

They ended up in the ER and now carry an EpiPen injector and Benadryl everywhere they go. 

Stephens says even trace amounts of peanuts can trigger a reaction.



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