Everlane’s Cozy Bundle Sale Is the Perfect Excuse to Stock Up on More Loungewear


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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been living in what could basically be considered pajamas. Technically, though, they’re real clothes, and I definitely need more. Everlane’s loungewear bundle sale is honestly just the excuse we all need to stock up on more cozy pieces for our closets—since, you know, most of us aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Sure, working from home has its struggles (My roommate and I are still trying to figure out our groove.) but it does mean that we can wear comfortable clothes all day long. Enter: leggings, sweatshirts, cozy tees and sweatpants. They’re the building block of a solid WFH wardrobe, and Everlane is bundling them all so we can save a little cash.

I’ve never had a minimalist wardrobe, but when it comes to working from home, I basically wear one of four things each day. Sometimes I switch between sweatpants and leggings or a comfy t-shirt and sweatshirt. It’s very likely two of those four pieces every day, though, and I stand by my cozy choices. I know that many people encourage those who work from home to dress like it’s a normal day where you’re going to leave the house, but sometimes Read More

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