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Tonight’s episode of married at fist sight is proving to be a double whammy!

Not only is it Dinner Party night, which let’s face it, is the best night of the week thanks to all the drama that it brings, but tonight we also got a special, ever before done in the experiment treat.

We got to watch on as each couple saw their partner’s audition tape from the show! And boy were they revealing!

Let’s take Stacey and Michael’s for example…

Michael’s wasn’t all too shocking really. In his tape, he was pretty cocky, told the producers that he wanted to find a “stereotypical ditzy blonde” with fake lips and fake boobs, and admitted that he can often be flirty with other girls while in a relationship.

Shock horror really. But what was a little bit sweet was that after watching back the tape Michael admitted that he’s a completely different person now and he thinks that all it took was finding the right girl (Stacey) to help change him.

Then we got to Stacey’s tape. Now this was interesting.


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