9 Free Zoom Backgrounds That Will Hide the Fact You’re Still in Pajamas


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In-person meetings are a thing of the past—It’s all coming up Zoom, now. For those of you having to lead or attend meetings while working from home, you’ll know Zoom is the new black. And spending hours upon hours hanging out (or, like, actually conducting business) on Zoom is truly all the reason you need to consider spicing up your video chats with these free Zoom backgrounds. This video-chatting service is quickly replacing Skype, FaceTime and the like, so we might as well lean into it and have a little fun.

In case you missed it and are seriously confused right now, Zoom is a video conferencing service that businesses (and friends) across the nation use to hold meetings or just hang out. It can truly be used for anything from meetings with 100 people to one-on-one virtual date nights. The possibilities are endless—and so are the backgrounds. Most Zoomers (that is, those of us who use Zoom) now know that you can add your own custom backgrounds to your video chat screen. You could sit in front of beautiful scenes of nature or a bunch of puppies—Ultimately, the choice is yours.

Personally, I like to think of Zoom backgrounds as an opportunity to express how you’re really feeli Read More

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