10 Chic-Looking Hair Towels to Complete Your WFH Wardrobe


At first glance, working from home is kind of amazing. You get to stay in pajamas all day, cook lunch from the comfort of your own home and blast music in-between video meetings. Easy enough, right? I thought so, too, except adjusting to a WFH schedule can completely dismantle an otherwise dependable routine. If you’re not careful, waking up late, staying glued to the couch and eating cookies for breakfast can become the new norm. Personally, I’ve found the best hair towels (yes, seriously) have actually helped me to adjust.

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Getting to the laundromat is a challenge I totally didn’t anticipate and since my go-to laundry service is on an indefinite halt, I’ve been living in sweats, oversized t-shirts and the cover-up I had reserved for a vacation. Soon enough, I realized that even if the dirty pile continues to grow, I needed to do something to make myself feel presentable on Facetime and like I was actually sitting at a makeshift work station. Hair turbans make me feel like an old school movie star getting ready for a red carpet premiere. The microfiber ones also godsends for hair since they can dry hair strands quickly without creating a m Read More

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