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In a healthy body dwells a youthful spirit. What you think of this statement is up to you. But you will certainly not disagree that living with a few kilos less on the scales is only better.

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It is worthwhile to keep your eyes open at all times in search of useful health tips. From treating a small bruise to pneumonia, there are always a few tips to make "being sick" easier.

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You're what you eat - a true statement. Only a few people still take the time needed to eat extensively. But it is also a question of what you eat. Do you belong to the conscious eating minority of the population, or do you live according to the principle: Mainly full?

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The Latest Findings on Dieting Programs!

What is a Low Carb Diet

What is a Low Carb Diet?

Do you understand the mechanisms of the diet or the reason why you lose weight in the end? Just read "What is a low-carb diet?" and all questions answered.

Low-Carb - Basics and how to apply them

Low-Carb - Basics and how to apply them

Low-Carb refers to various diets. Common to all is the reduction of carbohydrates in the daily diet. But how do I start with the menu?

Advantage and Disadvantage of Low-Carb Nutrition

Low Carb Nutrition - Advantages and Disadvantages

"Low-Carb Nutrition - Advantages and Disadvantages" - so formulated it sounds final. Therefore, it's probably a need for an explanation at this point.

Best Diet - According to Harvard Study

Best Diet - According to Harvard Study!

What is the Best Diet to lose weight successfully and over the long term? The answer has a meta-analysis that evaluates the results of five Harvard studies.


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